Season 2 of BMF: 50 Cent discusses the future of the new series, saying, “It’s exciting.”


Season 2 of BMF: 50 Cent discusses the future of the new series, saying, “It’s exciting.”

After receiving a second season renewal from Starz, 50 CENT predicts that his new series Black Mafia Family might run for a total of seven seasons.

After only two episodes on Starz, the brand new drama Black Mafia Family (BMF) has already garnered enough attention to warrant a second season. Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson, who is now working on the upcoming installments of Power, spoke exclusively to This website about his goal for the series.

After its series premiere achieved top ratings for US network Starz, 50 Cent’s new show Black Mafia Family was promptly renewed for a second season.

The creative power behind BMF, which previously hosted the producer and hip-hop legend’s prior crime thriller, Power, spoke to Express Online about the show’s future.

Despite the fact that only two episodes of the program have aired so far, 50 Cent believes Starz is on the verge of another massive blockbuster.

The rapper and producer revealed, “I expect this series to last seven seasons.”

During the early stages of production, 50 Cent revealed that he was already confident in the project.

He added that Starz’s producers were as passionate about BMF as he was, and that they provided plenty of feedback throughout the writing process.

“We’re approaching season one, and there’s a lot that needs to be done on the program,” he explained.

“Even when we start looking at the season blueprint for next year.”

“The network is so enthusiastic about the proposal that they took huge a** notes right away.”

Demetrius Flenory Jr. plays his own father, Demetrius Flenory, who is one side of one of America’s largest drug trafficking and money laundering companies.

The series follows his early years in late 1980s Detroit with his brother Terry Flenory (played by Da’Vinchi).

The season premiere, ‘See It… Touch It… Get It,’ received high ratings from Starz and was quickly picked up for a second installment.



Starz was quick to jump onto the notion and fine-tune the first season as much as possible when the project was in its early stages.

“We simply gave you a beat sheet, that’s not the genuine outline, that’s nothing!” 50 Cent recounted.

They already have all of this extra material because they want to make sure the project is a success.”

BMF could be able to fill the void left by. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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