Season 19 of NCIS: Los Angeles: Jimmy is shaken by a PTSD revelation, and a promo teases diner hostage drama?


Season 19 of NCIS: Los Angeles: Jimmy is shaken by a PTSD revelation, and a promo teases diner hostage drama?

NCIS season 19 premieres on CBS on Monday, and a sneak peek at the opening episode, Road to Nowhere, suggests Jimmy Palmer will be plagued by the awful time he and Kasie Hines experienced as captives in season 17.

Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) hasn’t exactly had the best of luck on NCIS over the last few seasons. The CBS drama’s resident medical expert has struggled to keep a brave face through obstacle after challenge, from the murder of his wife Breena (Michelle Pierce) to being taken captive with Kasie Hines (Diona Reasonover). However, with Season 19 now in full gear and Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) quest for a serial murderer well underway, the crew finds themselves once again in the center of danger – albeit it appears that Jimmy will be haunted by old demons in Episode 3.

The synopsis for CBS’s Road to Nowhere promises that “Gibbs and Alden Parker (Gary Cole) go on a road trip to find one of the serial killer’s victims.”

“Agent Knight (Katrina Law) also goes undercover at a huge manufacturing firm linked to the murders.”

While the CBS story may not go into depth about Jimmy’s forthcoming problems, actor Dietzen gave a sneak peek from the episode on his Instagram page over the weekend.

And it appears that Jimmy will be troubled by recollections of the terrifying hostage situation he and Kasie experienced themselves in back in season 17, when a diamond robbery went horribly wrong and put them in danger.

Given the events of season 19, episode two, in which Lamere (Jason Wiles) held Kasie hostage once more, it appears that Jimmy’s nightmare recollections of the diner hostage crisis will resurface.

Jimmy is overprotective of his colleague in the first look from Monday’s episode, as he tries to read her blood pressure to make sure she’s okay.

“Jimmy!” As Jimmy continues to pace around her, Kasie snaps. “Your blood pressure is still a touch high, your pulse is good, but let me check your pupils once more,” he responds. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa “I have to go to work,” she says. “Kasie, you were taken captive, right?” Jimmy says, despite Kasie’s denials. Lamere was armed with a knife -” “Brinkwire Summary News,” for example.


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