Season 19 of NCIS: Los Angeles: Fans predict a Criminal Minds star to take over as Gibbs’ replacement in the CBS drama.


Season 19 of NCIS: Los Angeles: Fans predict a Criminal Minds star to take over as Gibbs’ replacement in the CBS drama.

If series lead Mark Harmon is truly stepping away after next season, NCIS fans have proposed another name as a possible replacement for Leroy Gibbs.

If the series plans to continue, Criminal Minds star Thomas Gibson might be in the running to succeed long-serving NCIS lead Mark Harmon. Following rumours that Mark Harmon would take on a part-time position and may leave the series permanently after season 19, the CBS drama may be on the search for a new team head.

NCIS fan Thomas Gibson has been named as a favorite to replace Mark Harmon’s Leroy Gibbs if the former Special Agent in Charge quits the show permanently.

Harmon is apparently taking on a smaller role in the procedural drama’s forthcoming 19th season, following lengthy contract discussions.

With rumors swirling regarding his permanent departure, NCIS might already be on the lookout for a replacement lead if CBS decides to go ahead with a season 20 without Gibbs.

As fans prepare to bid farewell to the NCIS agent next year, a recent Reddit thread has thrown the former Criminal Minds star’s hat into the ring.

“Watching Criminal Minds and thinking, what if Gibbs retired and was replaced by someone like Thomas Gibson’s Aaron Hotchner?” wrote user Classic-Bowl-9940.

“It [would be]fascinating. Great leader who is intelligent and keeps an eye on his team, but who may be emotionally detached at times.”

Gibson might potentially reprise his role as agent Aaron Hotchner for CBS’ first-ever NCIS-Criminal Minds crossover if he joins the cast.

The show has already collaborated with a number of other CBS properties, including the reimagined Hawaii Five-0, but two of the network’s most popular long-running shows have never met.

All of that could change if Gibbs’ departure opens the door for another popular TV detective to take his place.

The Special Agent was suspended permanently by NCIS director Leon Vance after a violent encounter with a suspect last season (Rocky Carroll).

Despite the fact that he continues to pursue justice in his own time, the former team captain is unlikely to return to his previous post anytime soon.

Furthermore, Gibbs’ fate remains uncertain coming into Season 19, as he was last seen swimming away from his boat’s wreckage after it detonated.


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