Season 19 of NCIS: Gibbs Fakes Death to Expose FBI Newcomer as Serial Killer?


Season 19 of NCIS: Gibbs Fakes Death to Expose FBI Newcomer as Serial Killer?

NCIS fans are still certain that newcomer Alden Park is hiding something, and a new rumor suggests that ex-agent Gibbs already has a plan in place to find out what it is.

Before its September 20 launch, the forthcoming 19th season of NCIS has already sparked a slew of wacky fan speculations. With newcomer Gary Cole joining the cast as Special Agent Alden Park, some long-time fans of the CBS drama believe they’ve already figured out the major twist in the next episode.

If fans are to be believed, Leroy Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) unexpected death at the end of the most recent season of NCIS was all part of the plan.

A newly suspended Gibbs is hurled into the water as his new boat unexpectedly explodes in last May’s jaw-dropping season finale, “Rule 91.”

The former squad leader appeared to be under attack from an unknown foe, but more astute watchers believe the special operative had an ace up his sleeve.

According to popular belief, Gibbs faked his death in order to find the serial killer he and reporter Marcie Warren (Pam Dawber) were looking for in season 18.

Furthermore, some astute members of the audience feel the killer’s identity may be right under our noses after viewing the new casting for the upcoming installment.

One fan proposed the hypothesis in a new Reddit post, speculating that new series regular Gary Cole could be revealed as the major villain next season.

“My idea is that when the NCIS crew hears about the incident, they will begin investigating as if Gibbs had died,” stated user newtothisjunk.

“At some time, the team will connect with Marcie and begin working the case from a serial killer perspective.”

Cole’s Special Agent Park is said to be an FBI agent who was brought in as a stand-in for Gibbs after his suspension last season.

Because series actor Mark Harmon will be taking on a part-time position in the future, it’s unknown whether CBS will decide to keep NCIS after the star has shown interest in leaving the show permanently.

Gary Cole or fellow rookie Katrina Law might be prepared to take over as the show’s new team captain if a prospective season 20 goes through without Gibbs at the helm.

However, according to this fan, the story is about to take an unexpected turn. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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