Sean Slater, who played Jean on EastEnders, is back as she receives a devastating cancer diagnosis?


Sean Slater, who played Jean on EastEnders, is back as she receives a devastating cancer diagnosis?

Sean Slater of EASTENDERS could make a dramatic homecoming to Walford after learning that Jean Slater may not have long to live.

Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) has kept her cancer fears hidden from her family, and Ruby Allen (Louisa Lytton) is the only one in EastEnders who is aware of her health issues. Will Jean’s son become skeptical of his mother’s motives and return to Walford with her after an unscheduled visit to see Sean Slater (Robert Kazinsky)?

Jean discovers Ruby has moved a large quantity of money into her bank account in forthcoming BBC soap scenes.

She tells the club owner to return the money, but she saves enough to buy a train ticket to see Sean.

Gillian opened up about Jean’s feelings, saying, “Having a lot of money thrown at you is a really unpleasant thing.” It’s complicated because Ruby is guilt-ridden, and it’s patronizing.

“She tells her she doesn’t have much time left and not to do anything, and she does.”

She said, “Then she tried to assist her out and she started giving her money to travel explore the world while her daughter was in prison.”

“It’s completely unjustified, and in Jean’s opinion, it’s dirty money.

“She wouldn’t go on round-the-world travels with her daughter in prison since Ruby has given her money!”

If Jean leaves Walford to visit Sean, though, her son may think something is wrong and insist on accompanying her back home.

The former EastEnders resident may demand to know if his mother’s cancer has returned once and for all.

Will Sean be there for Jean when she finds that her cancer worries have come true?

“That is a big question!” Gillian remarked when asked if Jean could forgive Ruby for her behavior. Unlikely, if not outright impossible.

“The plot unfolds in a unique manner, and it’s wonderful that Jean doesn’t act in the way that the viewer would expect.”

Gillian stated, “I adore what goes on between her and Ruby because she needs to be a bigger person.”

“She doesn’t defend Ruby because she has a deep resentment for her.

“However, she does find herself in situations where she can assist or not help, and she chooses to help.

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