Scott Robinson of 5ive claims they are “great buddies” and rejects any rivalry with Westlife.


Scott Robinson of 5ive claims they are “great buddies” and rejects any rivalry with Westlife.

EXCLUSIVE: 5ive members Scott Robinson and Sean Conlon have debunked rumors of feuding with Westlife and revealed details about their upcoming tour.

While at the height of their glory, Scott Robinson of boyband 5ive denied that they had any rivalry with Westlife.

Scott, Sean Conlon, Ritchie Neville, Jason Paul Brown, and Abz Love were the members of 5ive, a group of 90s heartthrobs.

The band started in 1997 and was handled by the same team as the Spice Girls. Hits like “Keep On Movin'” and “Let’s Dance” helped them to the top of the charts.

Scott disputed that 5ive and their primary rivals at the time, boy band Westlife, had a rivalry.

“There wasn’t!” he declared during a Facebook Live with Brinkwire. That was the extent of the media coverage. We were closest friends with Westlife, and we would go out drinking with them, eat with them, and even joke about the ‘rivalry’ that existed.

“There was never any kind of rivalry.”

“We might have had a few competitions to see who could drink the most,” Sean continued. Those Irish lads would surprise you.

“I couldn’t get the butter to melt!”

They tainted us as pop’s bad guys, giving us a run for our money. We’re going to give them a run for their money with our upcoming record; we’ve got a couple ballads of our own.” The duo downplayed the band’s bad boy reputation, claiming that their activities were rather mild. “We went round to Roger Taylor’s house, we felt we were being extremely professional and decided to go out on his quad bikes,” Sean told The Brinkwire.

“I went straight over the handlebars on one,” said the rider.

“It was insane,” Scott added. Being in a hotel room with Liam Gallagher playing Bop It was one of my funniest experiences. Liam dug it out of his luggage; he’d brought it with him on tour!” You’d think Liam Gallagher wouldn’t have a Bop It. When he was playing Bop It, he was quite focused. It was in Brazil, and he was performing songs from an album that hadn’t yet been released, and he claimed that every song on the album was legendary, and that every song Noel wrote was s****.” Sign up for one of our newsletters to stay up to date on the latest celebrity news from Brinkwire.


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