Scotland’s hidden gold: A miner claims that families could be sitting on millions in hidden mines.


Scotland’s hidden gold: A miner claims that families could be sitting on millions in hidden mines.

Following the discovery of a £200 million gold vein inside Beinn Chuirn, SCOTGOLD miner Davy Burton believes that families across Scotland may be sitting on hidden mines worth millions.

Scotgold and the birth of Scotland’s first commercial gold mine were the subjects of Gold Town, which is presently showing on BBC Two. Davy’s family had been promised there would be gold beneath their land in Cononich, near Tyndrum, but the first gold was not poured until November 2020. The three-part series depicts Davy and Scotgold’s struggles in their search for the precious metal.

Since Davy joined Scotgold in 2010, the company has had a number of successes.

One of the largest hauls came from a quartz vein in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park’s far northwestern corner.

The gold found here is valued at £200 million, and Scotgold expects to produce 23,500 ounces of gold by 2022.

The mine is expected to last nine years, and Davy believes that additional families in Scotland may have buried stashes.

“There could be a large mine we’re sitting on that we just don’t know about,” he continued, “but unless the firm spends money and looks, you’ll never know.”

Davy believes that as the company continues to produce money, some funds will be set aside to pursue new opportunities.

He stated, “Any estates and farms on the earth that lays on the Dalradian rock formation could be sitting on gold that they don’t know about.”

Because exploration is so expensive, just a small portion of Scotland has been mined for gold, and he believes there is still more to be discovered.

He told The Scottish Sun, “This can’t be a one-off or lucky find.” “There has to be more gold somewhere.”

One worker says in the video for Gold Town, “I’m telling you there’s £200 million worth of gold in there, no pressure.”

“Hopefully that will be a long-term employment, not just a fad,” another adds.

The series will conclude next Tuesday and will focus on the Scotgold team, who are six months behind schedule.

As February 2020 draws to a close, the weather begins to improve, providing an opportunity to make up lost time.

However, the pandemic soon spreads to the United Kingdom, and on September 23, “Brinkwire Summary News” is published.


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