Scheana Shay Defends Herself Against Plastic Surgery Rumors


Scheana Shay Defends Herself Against Plastic Surgery Rumors

Scheana Shay has said that she isn’t having any facial work done for the ‘first time in ten years’ – find out more here.

A natural wonder! Scheana Shaymay has dabbled in injectables in the past, but she hasn’t had any work done since giving birth to her daughter Summer Moon.

The 36-year-old Vanderpump Rules star set the record straight on Tuesday’s edition of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

During the program, Andy Cohen observed, “Scheana, we’re getting a lot of tweets like this one.” “Did Scheana do any work?” Something about her appears to be unusual.” “I have no Botox!” the Boy Crazy creator said. That’s what sets us apart! “I’m shifting my face.” Shay dug down on her remark when challenged more by the 53-year-old Bravo maestro about fillers.

“No, I’m a full-time breastfeeding mother. “I promise, this is natural,” she stated emphatically. Shay’s lack of plastic surgery was also addressed in a teaser for Vanderpump Rules season 9 that was shot when she was still pregnant.

She made it plain to her cast members that she was taking a sabbatical from cosmetic work while discussing her birth plans for her daughter, whom she welcomed in April with Brock Davies. She was able to move her face “for the first time in ten years” as a result. This isn’t the first time the reality star has had to debunk accusations about plastic surgery. She used Instagram Stories in June to slam them with a parental shammer.

“AVOID BOTOX DURING PREGNANCY!! In December, the user added, “Hopefully you didn’t already.” They followed up in her DMs six months later. “With those Spock brows of yours, I can tell you’ve had Botox. If you’re receiving Botox, make sure you’re not breastfeeding. It’s quite damaging to your child.” Shay responded by making a series of films in which she demonstrated the “movement in my freaking face” using a variety of facial expressions.

The Bravo star has already spoken up about her Botox addiction. In a video with People in 2016, she claimed, “I can’t tolerate having forehead wrinkles on camera.” “It irritates me to no end. Botox has been a part of my life since before the first season. People are saying things like, ‘Oh my my, she’s gotten…’ Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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