Scarlette from A Place In The Sun spills on an off-camera incident that her supervisor “hates” her mentioning.


Scarlette from A Place In The Sun spills on an off-camera incident that her supervisor “hates” her mentioning.

A SUNRISE LOCATION Scarlette Douglas, a presenter, has revealed details regarding a set disaster that occurred while the cameras stopped running.

Scarlette Douglas of A Place In The Sun noted that, while she has escaped any filming catastrophes, she did observe her producer and director drowning in sand on a beach they had misjudged. The 32-year-old told This website ahead of Channel 4’s Black to Front day that the scene was one of her “funniest” on set yet.

“We chose to film an introductory conversation at the spot, which from afar looked like a beach,” she revealed.

“There was a lot of dry seaweed when we arrived.

“It was basically quicksand, and we didn’t realize it.

“And then he proceeded to put up the camera, and before you knew it, he was screaming,” she continued.

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“He’d sunk all the way up to his torso!”

“We were like, ‘Oh My God!’ because he was holding the camera up. I started laughing and took out my phone to record it.

“The camera guy just went away with the camera, and he was left there wondering, ‘Is somebody going to assist me out?’

Scarlette went on to say that the director “hates” the fact that she brings it up so frequently.

“I simply wanted to retain that memory for future use, in case I ever need to get back at him for something,” she joked about why she filmed it.

Since 2015, the presenter has been a frequent host on the show.

She works with Jasmine Harman and Jonnie Irwin, among others, to assist couples find their dream house abroad.

Lee Juggurnauth joined the lineup earlier this year, and Scarlette says there will be more newcomers in the future.

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“I’m not sure exactly how that works, but even if it does, I’m doing so many other things at the moment, that it would kind of work out well since everything will be spaced out equally with all my other shows as well,” she explained.

Scarlette and her brother Stuart Douglas will be filling in for Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer for a “Brinkwire Summary News” segment next month.


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