Scarlette Douglas’ brother talks about the reality of filming the series A Place in the Sun.


Scarlette Douglas’ brother talks about the reality of filming the series A Place in the Sun.

A SUNRISE LOCATION In an exclusive conversation with This website, Scarlette Douglas’ brother talked about the reality of shooting for the Channel 4 series.

Scarlette Douglas has been a regular on A Place in the Sun since 2015, and she has helped a number of people locate their dream vacation home during that time. Scarlette’s property knowledge, however, extends beyond the Channel 4 series, as she also assists her brother, Stuart Douglas, in running the family business. Scarlette and Stuart have also collaborated on a Channel 4 show as part of the broadcaster’s Black to Front initiative. Channel 4’s entire programming schedule will be fronted by black talent and contributors for one day in September.

Scarlette and Stuart will utilize their knowledge and expertise to host a special version of the hit property show Love it or List it, which is usually hosted by Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer, as part of the day’s programming.

Stuart, who had never presented on television before, remarked that being a part of the show was a real “eye-opener.”

He went on to describe the realities that his sister encounters while filming A Place in the Sun.

“Do you know how blessed you are travelling around the world inspecting houses and spending every other week in the sun?” Stuart began.

“I believe we are seeing the end final edit and cut, which is the beautiful, gorgeous, sunshine beach villa part of the edit,” he concluded.

“You could film every hour for the last seven days to obtain an hour show on that one you’re filming.

“There’s a lot that goes into it. You have no idea how much work and effort goes into a single take.

“That was a bit of a wake-up call for me.”

The episode of Love it or List it with Stuart and Scarlette will show on Friday, September 10.

The siblings will go head-to-head in the show as they strive to help homeowners Norbert and Shammie.

Norbert’s mother, Lucia, and their two children, Naomi and Tyrell, have lived at the couple’s Ipswich home for the past eight years.

They purchased the house because they saw it as having a lot of promise. Despite having a full house, the couple is in severe need. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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