Sarah Paulson and Pedro Pascal said that if they could (and it’s not Oberyn Martell) they’d play the same “Game of Thrones” character.


Interestingly, for a long time, Sarah Paulson and Pedro Pascal have been colleagues.

Although they’ve never starred together in a movie, when they were 18 and 17 years old, they lived in New York City and have kept in touch over the years. Now that they are both two of the biggest streaming stars right now, if social media is any indication, they’re still really similar.

And back in 2014, they decided on who their favourite Game of Thrones character was during an interview where Paulson grilled Pascal for a cover shoot.

Pedro Pascal and Sarah Paulson have long been friends.

‘The Mandalorian’ suggests that season 3 may (finally) be heading back to a dead Mandalore.

Pascal attended the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and he met Paulson in NYC in 1993 when she grew up between Queens and Tampa, FL. When it came to high school, she attended the popular LaGuardia High School and then the American Academy of Dramatic Arts Conservatory.

In an interview with Interview Magazine in 2014, they discussed how they were watching Fearless in the park and drinking 40s on their first outing with friends.

Interestingly, while there, they bumped into Woody Harrelson as well.

And when it was time for Pascal to audition for Oberyn Martell’s part in the fourth season of Game of Thrones, he sent his iPhone for a filmed audition and Paulson was one of the first to see it.

“You can’t say this about yourself because it would make you a total *shitter, and I don’t think you believe this about yourself anyway, but it was so f*cking brilliant,” Paulson said. I sent this to Amanda [Peet] and she immediately showed it to David [Benioff, Peet’s husband].

The remainder has to do with casting directors and auditions and other things that occur.

And in the role of Red Viper, Prince of Dorne, Pascal, of course, became nice.

And though a pretty horrific death had died.

And it catapulted him, even though he had been acting for a while, to a level of stardom that he had not seen before. Which they discuss in the interview as well.

In ‘Game of Thrones,’ they both love Arya Stark and other women.

It’s definitely the youngest Stark daughter when it comes to who they love the most in the cast of ‘Game of Thrones.’

While Pascal noted that when he has “personal feelings” selecting his favorite character is a little distracting because he knows that each of the actors works for them.

It’s kind of distracting to me,”It’s kind of distracting to me, but there are also so many damn characters and I like so many of them,”but there are so many damn characters, too, and I like so many of them.

Then, when Paulson moves the issue to who he’d like to play Arya, he’d like Arya as well, as would Paulson, too.

And again, when Paulson asks for the throne, all the roads lead to the unnamed child.

“There are obvious answers. I love Arya,” he said. “I think Arya and Tyrion are brilliant characters…. Daenerys is a brilliant character…. Cersei is a brilliant character.”

Paulson liked that “mostly women,” were selected by Pascal and he found it fascinating that his favourites were women as well.

Paulson countered, “I think some of the most powerful women on television are on this show,” “And by powerful, I mean they are three-dimensional female characters.”

Sadly, none of her picks ended up on the Iron Throne,

Of course, five years before the final season, this meeting took place, but they had no way of knowing what polarizing turn the series would take. And they’d be too off base on who’s going to end up sitting on the Iron Throne.

And when Paulson again asked Pascal who would ultimately sit on the throne, he said:

The greatest king of Westeros will be Tyrion.

This is a no-brainer here.

Unfortunately, even though that is highly doubtful, Tyrion thought that Bran had the best tale and therefore the best chance of becoming King of Westeros.

But anyway, before Pascal was on the program, Pascal and Paulson were major fans, and possibly they still were after he was killed off. In the interview, they spoke about watching an episode at Paulson’s house called “The Red Wedding” which was her second time, and she almost threw up. So, after being cast as Oberyn Martell of Dorne, it was a crazy experience for Pascal to be on the set of Game of Thrones for the first time.

“It was so surreal, my head exploded!” he said. “I don’t expect to experience anything that crazy anytime soon. It was the strangest circumstances where all of a sudden I’m walking onto the set and talking to Charles Dance [Tywin Lannister] while he’s sitting on the throne.”

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