Sarah Ferguson’s engagement ring is a priceless Burmese jewel from Prince Andrew.


Sarah Ferguson’s engagement ring is a priceless Burmese jewel from Prince Andrew.

SARAH FERGUSON and Prince Andrew announced their engagement in 1986, and despite the fact that they divorced ten years later, Sarah’s engagement ring is still one of the most famous gems in the world.

The most talked-about pieces of jewelry in the world are royal engagement rings. Members of the Royal Family have access to some of the most beautiful gems, including heirlooms and special pieces.

When Prince Andrew proposed to Sarah Ferguson, he gave her a magnificent ruby engagement ring.

At Floors Castle in Scotland, Queen Elizabeth II’s third child got down on one knee.

Andrew produced the sketches for the ring, which Garrad manufactured.

Garrad is a favorite of the royals, and Princess Diana’s engagement ring was designed by them.

A Burma ruby was encircled by ten drop-diamonds in Sarah’s jewel.

The mounting was made of 18-karat yellow and white gold.

While the overall cost of the ring is unknown, it is certain that it was expensive due to the large center stone.

It was estimated to cost roughly £25,000 at the time.

Inflation-adjusted, this may be worth up to £70,000.

Fergie wore her engagement ring for 11 years after the couple’s high-profile divorce.

The ring’s current location is unknown.

When Jack Brooksbank proposed to Princess Eugenie in 2019, she was given a ring that looked very similar.

It had a rare blush pink three-carat Padparadscha sapphire in the center surrounded by a halo of diamonds, just like Sarah’s engagement ring.

It was believed that the couple collaborated on the design.

Kate Middleton also wears a stunning engagement ring that was once owned by Princess Diana.

While on vacation in Kenya, Prince William presented the Duchess with the renowned ring.

The centerpiece is an oval sapphire, which is encircled by gleaming diamonds.

Laura Lambert, the creator and CEO of jewelry business Fenton, previously spoke to This website about the magnificent ring.

“12 carats untreated oval Sri Lankan BS surrounded by 14 brilliant cut round diamonds totaling 1.70 carats,” she explained.

In the United Kingdom, the typical engagement ring weighs 0.6 carats, which is almost £2,000 in value.

“Following Lady Di’s death in 1997, the ring and her Cartier watch were restored to the Prince of Wales for.”Brinkwire Summary News,” the analyst continued.


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