Sarah Ferguson’s £70k engagement ring – which she described as “somewhat unorthodox” – “truly impressed me.”


Sarah Ferguson’s £70k engagement ring – which she described as “somewhat unorthodox” – “truly impressed me.”

The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, married Prince Andrew in 1986, and her engagement ring is an underappreciated piece of royal jewelry.

After announcing their engagement in March of that year, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson married on July 23, 1986. Andrew, the Queen’s second-oldest son, proposed to Sarah with an enchanted engagement ring. It features a stunning ruby stone and a design that is strikingly similar to the Duchess of Cambridge’s famous sapphire ring, which was previously owned by Princess Diana.

Sarah characterized the ring as “beautiful” and “red” when questioned about it in their first formal interview as a couple.

The Duchess of York’s engagement ring, which contains a massive Burmese ruby surrounded by ten gleaming diamonds, is one of the most well-known royal jewels.

The stones form a cluster ring, which is also known as a floral pattern.

The valuable jewels are set on a yellow gold band, and the vibrant colors are sure to catch the eye.

“We came to the joint opinion that red was perhaps the nicest color for Sarah,” Prince Andrew said of the ring.

“That’s how we arrived to the decision to go with rubies.”

“For the extra parts around the outside, we wanted something a little out of the ordinary.”

The magnificent ring is thought to have been created by Garrard, the same company that created Princess Diana’s famed sapphire piece and Sophie Countess of Wessex’s spectacular ring.

Sarah’s favorite ring was valued at roughly £25,000 at the time, but due to inflation and the tale behind it, it might now be worth around £70,000.

Sarah Ferguson’s ring is adored by royal admirers, but it doesn’t get as much attention as other royal ladies’ rings, such as Kate Middleton’s or Meghan Markle’s.

“To me, the prettiest ring is the ring Andrew gave to Sarah,” Sharon McCallum, a royal enthusiast, remarked on Facebook.

“It’s a beautiful ring; I’m not a big admirer of costly, flashy jewelry, but Sarah’s ring wowed me.”

On July 23, 1986, just four months after their engagement, the couple married at Westminster Abbey.

They exchanged “one hell of a kiss” on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after becoming Duke and Duchess of York, as Oprah Winfrey put it.

She gave royal fans another peek of her beautiful ruby ring at this time.

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