Sara Damergi, host of A Place In The Sun, speaks out about viewers’ ‘freaky’ calls.


Sara Damergi, host of A Place In The Sun, speaks out about viewers’ ‘freaky’ calls.

SARA DAMERGI has spoken out about receiving “suspicious calls” from A Place In The Sun fans, including persons “breathing heavily” down the phone.

Sara Damergi, the host of A Place in the Sun, has spoken out about receiving “freaky calls” from viewers. The property expert, 41, told This website that she has been targeted on social media because of the way she looks and what she wears, and that she alerted the police after receiving “freaky” calls with “heavy breathing” a few years ago.

But, unfortunately, I believe that is part of the job.

Damergi, Sara

Sara claimed the harassment she’s been subjected to since going on TV has gone beyond getting messages on social media.

“I’ve had my emails hacked into, I’ve had my – a long time ago – I had my address exposed online, I’ve got calls with heavy breathing – really bizarre stuff,” the Channel 4 star remarked.

“But luckily, all of that has come to an end,” she continued.

In order to get the calls to stop, the property guru was obliged to notify the authorities.

“I actually went to the police about it and found out who that was,” she explained.

“But, unfortunately, I believe it is part of the job.”

Sara went on to say that she knows other folks who have had strangers show up outside their homes.

“It was incredibly weird,” she said, “but I think a lot of individuals in the field have had similar situations.”

Even shopping channels can be worse because they can communicate to you and have had individuals outside their homes.

“I’ve known a number of folks who have suffered from it,” she said.

When it comes to trolling on social media, the singer has been upfront about how she handles it by reporting and blocking the offending persons.

Sara claimed that the trolls would often pick on her because of her appearance, criticizing her hair or clothing.

“It could be anything,” she joked, “from – my hair is notoriously unkempt all the time, so that’s a reasonable statement from them.”

“It could be anything from my hair to the fact that I appear like I’m wearing a garbage bag,” says one woman.

“Some people don’t like the way I speak, some people don’t like,” Sara continued. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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