Sally Metcalfe of Coronation Street is set to leave the cobbles in a heartbreaking Sophie twist.


In a heartbreaking Sophie twist, will Sally Metcalfe of Coronation Street leave the cobbles?

Sally Metcalfe, a long-time character on Coronation Street, could be leaving the ITV soap in the coming weeks due to a conflict with her daughter, Sophie Webster.

Sally (Sally Dynevor) is currently the focus of a major storyline on Coronation Street, as her husband, Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine), is keeping a secret from her.

What the ITV soap star is unaware of is that her husband has been told he needs a triple heart bypass surgery or risk dying from a heart attack.

However, in upcoming scenes on the weeknight serial drama, the legendary character may exit as she takes a break from her marriage after hearing some news from Sophie (Brooke Vincent).

Tim is trying to summon the courage to tell his wife about his health problems in next week’s episodes, and the drama begins there.

She has some news to share with him, despite her desire for him to open up to her and show her some affection.

Sophie is currently traveling the world with Kate Connor (Faye Brooks) and has been keeping her cobblestone family up to date.

She will, however, soon inform her mother that she has a broken wrist as a result of a moped accident in Greece.

Sally may begin to consider leaving Weatherfield to care for her daughter after her husband has been extremely cold towards her recently and believes she is unwelcome.

Later in the week, Sally tries to keep up her efforts to run for councillor as she prepares to return to politics.

However, she faces stiff competition in the form of Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon), who has proven to be a stumbling block on her way to victory.

In order to outdo her opponent, the stalwart has been keeping her mouth shut about her campaign plans.

However, when she examines Maria’s pamphlet, she notices that the mother of one is aware of the plans for the County football training ground.

Sally knows her rival’s only source of information would be her husband Tim, and this could be the final straw.

It is huge.

MacLeod, Iain

She has the impression that her husband is constantly fighting.

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It’s massive

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