Sally Dyvenor of Coronation Street discusses her challenges ahead of the new season.


Sally Dyvenor of Coronation Street discusses the challenges she faces as the show prepares for a new season.

Sally Dyvenor of Coronation Street has opened up about her struggles ahead of her Dancing On Ice debut on Sunday.

Sally Dyvenor, 58, of Coronation Street, has opened up about the challenges she’s faced while preparing for her first appearance on Dancing On Ice on Sunday.

She admitted that she had been “struggling with her confidence” leading up to her first ice rink performance.

“My real problem is the confidence thing,” Sally told This Morning on Friday.

I’m having trouble with my self-assurance.

“I’m just hoping that as this journey progresses, if I’m given the chance, I’ll gain a little more confidence each week.”

“All I need to do now is get through Sunday night.”

Sally also admitted that she was having trouble sleeping because she was overly concerned with her dance routine.

“I can’t sleep because I’m going over all the moves and wondering if I’m doing it right?” the actress continued.

“All I have to do now is get through Sunday, and hopefully my confidence will improve.”

“It’s terrifying to be on a live show, too.”

“All right, let’s get this party started on Sunday night.

“Let’s just get this over with.”

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Sally revealed in a recent interview that it took her three years to summon the courage to compete in Dancing On Ice.

The TV star claimed she had been putting off accepting the offer because she was afraid of injuring herself.

“It was just too scary, and I was worried about hurting myself,” Sally told The Mirror earlier this month.

“My younger daughter Hattie used to go, and I’d go get a coffee and stand on the sidelines watching her.”

I, on the other hand, would never go ice skating.

“I was approached three years ago about Dancing On Ice, but it’s taken me this long to summon the courage to do it.”

“The lockdowns were a factor in my decision to accept the offer,” she continued.

“They convinced me that I should seize every opportunity that presents itself because I don’t know how many more there will be.”

Sally went on to say that she views the show as a way to “push herself out of her comfort zone.”

She stated that she believes she would not have participated in the series this year if she had not agreed to do so.

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