Sally Dynevor of Corrie was spotted practicing risky lifts ahead of her Dancing On Ice debut.


Sally Dynevor of Corrie was spotted practicing dangerous lifts ahead of her Dancing On Ice debut.

Despite admitting she was afraid of getting hurt, actress Sally Dynevor has been attempting some advanced moves while practicing for the new season of Dancing on Ice.

Sally Dynevor of Coronation Street has been practicing her moves with Dancing On Ice partner Matt Evers in preparation for the new series, which is set to premiere later this month.

During her recent rehearsals, the actress, who plays Sally Metcafle in the long-running ITV soap, has been practicing some daring lifts and advanced moves in preparation for the upcoming series of the ice-skating competition.

She has been practicing her routines with Matt at an ice rink, accompanied by a trainer to assist her with the more advanced lifts and tricks, according to pictures obtained by the Mirror.

Sally was seen balancing on Matt’s shoulders, which could have been a new move for their first performance, but it was done off the ice to avoid any injuries.

The pair were instructed on the moves by a trainer before attempting the dangerous trick on the ice, where they were seen laughing and discussing their routine.

Matt spun her around while she held on tight, and Sally appeared to lose her balance at one point.

Fortunately, her trainer and partner were nearby to assist her in getting up and continuing to practice.

During the training session, the trio seemed to be having a good time as 58-year-old Sally skated around the rink, but Sally hasn’t always been so relaxed about ice skating.

She recently admitted that she waited three years to accept the invitation to compete in Dancing On Ice because she was afraid of injury.

“It was just too scary and I was worried about hurting myself,” Sally said, despite the fact that she appears to be a natural.

“When my younger daughter Hattie used to go, I’d get a cup of coffee and stand on the sidelines watching her, but I’d never go on the ice.”

Three years ago, I was asked about Dancing On Ice, but it’s taken me this long to summon the courage to do it.”

Because of the Covid-19 lockdowns, Sally, like the rest of us, realized she should take advantage of the opportunity to do something she’d always wanted to do.

“The lockdowns were a factor in my decision to take up the offer,” she admitted.

They convinced me that I should seize every opportunity that presents itself because I don’t know how many more there will be.”

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