Salary snubs, mug smashes, and a Strictly jibe are all part of Dan Walker and Piers Morgan’s feud.


Strictly and BBC Breakfast star Dan Walker has had a long-running rivalry with former GMB star Piers Morgan for years and from jibes about pay to smashing mugs on set, the pair have never held back

Piers Morgan and BBC Breakfast star Dan Walker have kept their fans entertained with a long-standing feud which has rumbled on for years.

Many will know that the morning breakfast hosts have been at loggerheads for years – and it isn’t just over competing for TV ratings either.

The ex-Good Morning Britain anchorman used his platform on numerous occasions to take particular aim at the BBC Breakfast newsreader as he pushed Dan to finally strike back.

In recent weeks the row has only intensified, with red sofa host making his debut on Strictly Come Dancing – and of course, Piers had a thing or two to say about it.

Although Dan had attempted not to be dragged into the GMB star’s antics, his hand was forced when Piers brought money into the equation.

Dan tried not to get sucked in but that all changed when it started getting personal in July 2017, when Piers mocked his salary.

In 2017, all BBC members of staff were asked to declare their salaries which only gave Piers more ammo.

Speaking on the morning breakfast show, he claimed Dan had only earned “one eighth of a Lineker”.

He then took a pop at BBC weather reporter Carol Kirkwood after she’d picked up a Television and Radio Industries Club award.

Piers told GMB viewers the next morning, that the award had been given to “somebody from a rival show that nobody watches”.

This statement really seemed to rattle Dan’s cage, who then for the first time chirped back in an interview with the Radio Times.

He told the publication: “I fight back because nobody else does.”

“In the noise that circulates around him, I don’t care what he says about me, only when he pokes fun at Breakfast, or has a pop at Carol Kirkwood or at our viewers.”

Things really took an aggressive turn when Piers took out all of his frustrations out on a BBC Breakfast mug that had been gifted to him.

Good Morning Britain producer Neil Thompson had visited Dan and co on the famous red sofa earlier in the same week – with the pair sharing a selfie together after.

Neil didn’t return to his ITV peers empty handed and instead came bearing a tea drinking. Brinkwire presents summary news.


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