Sadiq Khan is urging Boris Johnson to empower TfL to prosecute non-mask wearers.


Sadiq Khan is urging Boris Johnson to empower TfL to prosecute non-mask wearers.

Face masks are no longer a legal requirement in the UK, according to SADIQ KHAN, who has called for non-mask wearers to face criminal penalties.

Non-mask wearers should risk criminal charges, according to Sadiq Khan, who wants to see police on the tube enforcing the usage of face masks. It came after COVID-19 cases fell for the seventh consecutive day on Tuesday.

“Well, first and foremost, it’s absolutely important to remind listeners that the research shows that facemasks do make a difference, both from the World Health Organization and our own scientific advisory committee, as well as things like America’s Center for Disease Control,” he said on BBC Newscast.

“It aids in disease prevention, but it can also keep you from contracting viruses.

“Before the government eased restrictions in the most recent phase of the roadmap, I lobbied the government to keep the current rules, which were a national legislation, a national requirement, which meant that if you didn’t wear a face mask, we could use the police service, as well as British Transport Police and TfL’s own enforcement officers to ensure you wore a face mask.”

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“As a result, over 212,000 people have been talked to in the previous 12 months, thousands of fixed penalty notices have been issued, and around 86 percent of those using public transportation in London are following the rules,” he stated.

“And, by the way, two-thirds of those who won’t wear a face mask have a solid reason.”

In England, facial coverings are no longer required as of July 19.

Despite the lifting of all limitations, infection cases declined by roughly 40%, while deaths and hospitalizations remained low.

Official counsel, on the other hand, “expects and promotes” them in enclosed and congested areas.

The Mayor of London has been lobbying parliament to allow the London Transport Authority to enact a bylaw mandating the use of face masks.

According to evidence, transmission occurs primarily indoors, when people are close together.

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