Sabrina Spanta is a fictional character. A tragic story about a ‘Project Runway’ contestant who left the Afghan war.


Sabrina Spanta is a fictional character. A tragic story about a ‘Project Runway’ contestant who left the Afghan war.

Despite her numerous personal challenges, Sabrina is ecstatic and pleased to be a part of ‘Project Runway.’

Season 19 of ‘Project Runway’ has premiered! The immensely popular Bravo show stars 16 up-and-coming designers from across the world, each eager to prove they have what it takes to present their collection at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) and become the next big thing in the industry. Each 90-minute episode puts the participants’ creativity and technique to the test, with challenges ranging from creating a “hauntingly” stylish look to designing an unusual cocktail dress! Sabrina Spanta is one of the 16 designers competing in Season 19 of ‘Project Runway’ for a chance to not only display her collection at New York Fashion Week but also win a cash reward of $250,000. To win the competition, the aspiring designer must impress the judges Nina Garcia, Elaine Welteroth, Brandon Maxwell, and mentor Christian Siriano. Let’s take a closer look at Sabrina’s biography and discover more about her ahead of her big debut on ‘Project Runway.’

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Sergio’s ‘false’ and ‘artificial’ emotions over the immigrant tale behind his outfit have been slammed by fans on ‘Project Runway.’

‘Project Runway’ is a reality show about fashion. 64-year-old Nancy’s ability to adapt and push limits has made her a fan favorite. Sabrina Spanta is a fictional character. Sabrina Spanta is a fashion designer from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, who is 29 years old. Early in her life, the young designer had to overcome a number of challenges. When the Afghan war broke out, the Spanta family fled the country and sought safety in a Pakistani refugee camp. Sabrina unfortunately lost her mother on the voyage. Her great aunt, who lived in the United States, adopted the designer and her siblings in 2000. Her aunt is her “real mother,” according to the designer. Sabrina developed an interest in fashion design after witnessing her father work as a tailor in Afghanistan. Sanowber, her self-titled collection, debuted in 2013 and has since gained recognition from a variety of events and media, including Charleston Fashion Week, St. Louis Fashion Week, CNN News, and others. The silhouettes and shapes of the clothing she designs are inspired by modern architecture. Sabrina’s love of patterns and embroidery stems from her diverse cultural upbringing. X-Pant, her most recent invention, was inspired by her rich Afghani ancestry.

“BEYOND THE X-PANT,” she wrote on Instagram, explaining the reason behind the pants. The X-pant was inspired by my Afghani ancestry and is based on the traditional Afghani men’s dress known as “Peran Tumban.” For almost 40 years, this men’s robe, worn with an Afghani turban, has been a symbol of authority, masculinity, and exclusivity. The X-Pant is a peran tumban that has been redesigned. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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