Ryanair claims it ‘flew a couple to Greece instead of Spain,’ but refuses to accept responsibility.


Ryanair claims that it “flew a couple to Greece instead of Spain,” but refuses to accept responsibility.

A COUPLE claims Ryanair took them to the wrong country, Greece, which is over 1,000 miles away from their intended destination of Spain.

Humaira and Farooq Shaikh’s son claims he is now £1,100 in debt after booking flights, a hotel, and activities for his parents’ walking holiday in Seville, Spain, only for them to instead go to the Greek island of Zakynthos.

However, Ryanair has blamed the couple for the incident, emphasizing that it is the responsibility of all customers to ensure that they board the correct flight.

On October 4, Mr. and Mrs. Shaikh claim to have had their boarding passes checked at the Stansted Airport gate before boarding the plane.

They claim they had no idea they were going to Greece until a taxi driver in Zakynthos told them, “This isn’t Spain.”

Suleman Shaikh, shortly after graduating from medical school, paid for the couple’s trip to Spain.

“I am completely outraged and shocked that this has been allowed to happen,” he said in an interview with the Daily Mirror.

“Not only is this a complete lack of safety, security, and responsibility, but it has put my parents under a lot of stress and anxiety.”

“My mother already has anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, so hearing her cry on the phone from Greece while I was at work was extremely distressing.”

I am appalled and appalled that this has been allowed to happen.

The couple’s son, Suleman Shaikh,

Ryanair has made no apologies or offers of compensation, instead blaming the incident on the couple.

Due to the plane’s late departure from the UK, the cabin crew is said not to have announced the plane’s destination.

Moreover, despite the fact that the next flight back to London is four days away, Humaira said Ryanair employees would only pay for one night in a hotel and a return trip to the UK.

The other option was to fly back to the UK on two separate flights, each with a layover, which would have doubled their journey time.

The London-based couple was left to foot the bill for the remainder of their stay in Greece, but they faced an uphill battle due to their shock and lack of internet skills.

Suleman was able to secure and pay for a hotel until the couple arrived.

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