Ryanair CEO appeals for “basic” travel rules after the “bizarre” traffic light system fails.


Ryanair CEO appeals for “basic” travel rules after the “bizarre” traffic light system fails.

THE GOVERNMENT’S TRAFFIC LIGHT SYSTEM has been widely criticized, and Michael O’Leary, the CEO of Ryanair, has now joined the chorus of those calling for it to be abolished.

Michael O’Leary, speaking on Sky News today, announced Ryanair’s 14 new winter routes.

Michael, on the other hand, was primarily concerned with the traffic signal system.

“Traffic to and from the UK is still impeded by this broken traffic signal system that they constantly changing, which undermines passenger confidence,” he said.

Even though Ryanair is already operating at roughly “80% pre-Covid volumes,” Michael believes that more can be done.

“I’m standing in London, and it’s deserted,” he remarked.

“It is missing all of the tourists it would normally receive, so I would urge the UK government to abandon the traffic signal system in favor of the European one.

“No limits if you’re double vaccinated; if you’re not doubly vaccinated, you’ll need a PCR test, but no more of these odd traffic signals that don’t work.”

Michael argued that the traffic light system, which he claimed does not work, is preventing people from traveling and, more significantly, preventing Europeans from entering.

“The big test now that schools are starting back in September, we want to keep encouraging people to acquire confidence in flying,” he said.

“We need to get more Europeans here as well as individuals going overseas to Europe.”

He even went into detail on how the traffic signal system affected him.

“I’ll share my experience with you,” he said.

“I arrived in London today after a trip to Brussels.

“Three nights ago, I didn’t require a negative PCR test, but two nights ago, the Government changed the laws, and despite the fact that I am completely vaccinated, I had to run about to acquire a negative PCR test yesterday just to travel to London.”

This demonstrated that the traffic light system was ineffective.

“If people are twice vaccinated, you don’t need the extra security of a PCR test,” he said.

“You must restore confidence in this business; the tourism industry is extremely important to the UK.

“I believe it will take considerably longer to reintegrate the Asians and Americans, but you might be able to reintegrate the Europeans.

“And that business is impeded by the constant chopping and changing of traffic signals, which only adds to the confusion.

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