Ryan Edwards, who was dismissed from Teen Mom, was forced to pay court in a (dollar)290K automobile accident case after losing his MTV paycheck.


Ryan Edwards, who was dismissed from Teen Mom, was forced to pay court in a (dollar)290K automobile accident case after losing his MTV paycheck.

TEEN MOM OG has been dismissed. After losing his MTV income, Ryan Edwards was compelled to pay the court in his (dollar)290K automobile accident case.

After being engaged in an automobile collision in August 2018, Tennessee residents James and Janet Byrne sued Ryan, 33, for negligence.

The trial was slated for November 9 and would last “two or three days,” according to the schedule.

The Sun, on the other hand, has exclusive access to the settlement reached by the parties before to the courtroom clash.

Ryan was forced to pay court fees in the case, according to court documents obtained by The Sun.

Plaintiffs James and Janet agreed to cover the costs of medical care and the accident.

James, the driver of a 1997 Nissan pickup truck, said Ryan “negligently and carelessly” rear-ended him with his 2018 Ford pickup vehicle, according to The Sun.

Ryan “violently” struck the alleged victim’s car as he was stopped at a red traffic signal, according to the alleged victim.

“The impact was of such severity that the back of Mr. Byrne’s head struck the rear window of his pickup truck and broke the window,” according to the legal complaint.

Ryan drove with his dog in the front passenger seat, according to the alleged victim, since he “should have known” the dog would “interfere” with his driving.

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Ryan was also accused of driving “distractedly” and “recklessly,” according to James.

He claimed the former MTV personality “very closely followed” the Nissan, refused to modify his speed, and failed to “keep a lookout.”

The driver claimed to have suffered injuries to his body, including vertigo, which causes “chronic episodic dizziness.”

Bodily impairment and handicap, physical pain and suffering, loss of capacity for enjoyment of life, and medical, rehabilitation, and medication expenses were also claimed by the putative victim.”

The driver further claimed that his injuries caused his wife to “suffer and will suffer a loss of companionship.”

Plaintiffs sought (dollar)260,000 in damages and losses, as well as (dollar)30,000 for his wife’s loss of companionship.

In August of this year, Maci Bookout’s baby daddy responded to the case.

Ryan claimed he couldn’t “either acknowledge nor deny” that James had been stopped at a red light.

The father of four has denied all of the charges leveled against him, including that the automobile accident was caused by his “negligence” and “recklessness.”

Ryan “admits fault for causing and contributing to the collision at issue, but denies that his acts were reckless or purposeful in any way,” according to an amended answer.

Ryan filed a motion to “prohibit proof or questioning relating to the Defendant’s earlier criminal or drug conduct that were not in any way related to the… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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