‘Rustic look’ inside Sophie Wessex’s £1 million ‘dreamy’ childhood home, where she lived until she was 34.


‘Rustic look’ inside Sophie Wessex’s £1m ‘dreamy’ childhood home, where she lived until the age of 34.

SOPHIE, COUNTESS OF WESSEX and her family live in a massive mansion in Surrey, but her childhood home is certainly affluent.

But how does the inside look?

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, 56, is the Queen’s youngest son, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, 57.

Lady Louise Windsor, 18, and James, Viscount Severn, 14, are the couple’s two children.

The royal family resides in Bagshot Park, Surrey, about 11 miles from Windsor Castle, where the Queen spends the majority of her time.

Sophie, on the other hand, lived in a much more humble abode with her parents, Christopher and Mary, before marrying into the Royal Family in 1999.

The Countess of Wessex grew up in Brenchley, Kent, at Homestead Farmhouse.

When she was 34, she moved out of the house she shared with her brother David and their parents.

Despite being much smaller than Bagshot Park, Homestead Farmhouse is also a Grade II-listed building.

Christopher and Mary sold the 17th-century home in 2001 for a reported £600,000, and it is now estimated to be worth around £1 million.

Sophie’s marriage to Edward is said to have skyrocketed local property prices.

When the Wessexes tied the knot, the value of homes in Brenchley, not far from Royal Tunbridge Wells, increased by an average of 171 percent.

Any royal attention for a location, according to Savills estate agent Robert Jacobs, is likely to influence prices.

He did point out to This website, however, that the Wessexes did not live there together.

“Yes, it helps enhance value when a major royal lives in an area,” he said.

“Take a look at the Cotswolds,” says the narrator.

“However, Sophie and Edward never lived here, and Brenchley is already blue-chip, so a royal connection isn’t necessary.”

Royal fans have been wowed by photos of Sophie’s childhood home that have surfaced on Instagram.

“Beautiful… looks so peaceful,” royal fan @mlcruzd, for example, said.

“Dreamy!” wrote another Instagram user @sarahhfaulk.

“Love the rustic look!” wrote Instagram user @justsellhomes.

“I’d love this cute house,” Royal fan @iam_sylvia02 commented.

Following their marriage in 1999, the Wessexes relocated to Bagshot Park, a stunning Grade II-listed building.

The hotel has 120 rooms and sits on 51 acres of land.

In comparison, the home of William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, at Kensington Palace, has only 20 rooms.


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