Russell Crowe makes a surprise appearance on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.


Russell Crowe makes a surprise appearance on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

After their emotional dance to a Les Misérables song, Tom Fletcher and his dance partner Amy Dowden received a message from Hollywood A-lister Russell Crowe.

Russell Crowe, the Hollywood legend, made a surprise appearance on the BBC dancing show Strictly Come Dancing.

After Strictly star Tom Fletcher danced to the Les Misérables soundtrack on Musicals Week, the Les Misérables actor paid a visit to the BBC ballroom via video call.

On Saturday night (November 20), Tom and his dance partner Amy Dowden gave an emotional performance because the special dance was a sweet nod to his sister Carrie, who is also a musical theatre star.

Carrie is currently performing in the West End as Cinderella, so Tom’s dance was a nod to his sister’s first appearance on the West End stage.

But that wasn’t the only thing that made the dance memorable; after the performance, Tom and Amy received a call from Russell Crowe, who will star in the upcoming Les Misérables film in 2021.

The judges gave Tom and Amy 31 points, but not before host Claudia Winkleman revealed that Gladiator star Tom Cruise was stopping by to say “hi.”

“We have a message for you from someone who was in that very musical [Les Mis],” Claudia said.

“Hello Tom Fletcher, how are you doing, young man? Russell Crowe here,” Russell said as he appeared on the screen.

“So I hear you’ve given in to your passion for dancing and are doing quite well.”

“I fully expect you to excel because it is in your nature, young Tom.”

He then admitted that he couldn’t recall what he was supposed to say in the message but wished Tom luck in the competition.

Fans on Twitter were stunned, with many expressing their delight at the A-lister’s Twitter video call.


“Russell Crowe on strictly? HOOK IT IN MY VEINS,” wrote another.

“RUSSELL CROWE VT OMG IT’S MAXIMUS AND THE ACCENT JUST WENT AND I’m now VERY disappointed that he didn’t make a joke about SURELY the audience was very entertained,” a third person said.

“I’d love to know Russell Crowe’s favorite McFly song,” one viewer joked.

Russell co-starred alongside Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, and Amanda Seyfried in the musical as police inspector Javert.

“I’ve loved every second of it,” Tom says of the performance.

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