Russell Crowe appears on Strictly ‘Can’t remember the details’ in a ‘awkward’ cameo.


Russell Crowe appears on Strictly ‘Can’t remember the details’ in a ‘awkward’ cameo.

After legendary actor Russell Crowe appeared on the show to wish one of the participants well, STRICTLY fans were left squirming. He stated that he had forgotten what he had planned to discuss.

Musicals Week piqued the interest of Strictly Come Dancing watchers, and the couples put on a fantastic performance. Several emotional moments occurred during Tom Fletcher’s time on film in the BBC competition series, one of which occurred during Tom Fletcher’s time on screen. The McFly star received an unexpected message after doing a Couple’s Choice dance to On My Own from Les Misérables.

Tom Fletcher, who has a passion for theatre, was moved to tears following his performance on Saturday night, which he dedicated to his sister, Carrie Hope Fletcher.

The judges praised him and his professional partner Amy Dowden for their performance.

They did say, though, that he needs to inject more heart and emotion into his actions.

Despite some constructive criticism, the star felt on top of the world following his performance.

After the judges’ critiques, he said to Claudia Winkleman: “My life revolves on musical theater.

“This was the week I’d been looking forward to, and I’m very delighted that we were able to perform that dance for my sister, who is currently performing on stage.”

Claudia informed Tom that he had a surprise message, and Russell Crowe, who played Javert in Les Misérables, appeared on the screen.

He stated, ” “How are you, young man? Hello, Tom Fletcher. Russell Crowe is in the room. So, yeah. I’ve heard you’ve given in to your need to dance.

“I’ve also heard you’ve done exceptionally well. Because it is in your nature, I expect you to succeed at a high level.

“Have a good time at the dance; I can’t remember what I was meant to say, but the bottom line is all the best, mate.”

The audience laughed at Russell’s expense, which elicited a few laughs from the audience.

It was “wonderful” to hear from such a well-known performer, according to Tom.

Viewers flocked to Twitter after his visit to express their feelings about the “awkward” encounter.

“Russell Crowe has no idea who Tom Fletcher is, does he?” Hayley asked.

Andi said, ” “Russell Crowe gets an Oscar for acting as though he knows what’s going on. (hashtag)strictly” Mitten d’Amour cracked a joke: “Russell Crowe (actor): “Brinkwire Summary News,” I hear it’s your birthday [checks notes].


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