‘Rush Hour’: Monsta X, dubbed ‘the MVP,’ becomes the fastest K-pop performer to win a music show.


‘Rush Hour’: Monsta X, dubbed ‘the MVP,’ becomes the fastest K-pop performer to win a music show.

With less than a day of monitoring, Monsta X won on SBS MTV’s ‘The Show.’

Monsta X has released their 10th mini-album, ‘No Limit,’ which includes the title single ‘Rush Hour.’ Because their leader Shownu is presently serving in the military, this era only has five members, yet fans and the group came together to make it their most memorable comeback yet. Monsta X was the first to incorporate Shownu’s lamb skewer meme into a significant component of their choreography, with Minhyuk, the interim leader, expressing how much he was missed. Fans have now helped the band win their first music show for the song “Rush Hour,” which is already historic.

‘No Limit’ was an instant hit, with Monsta X breaking personal records on the first day alone. It became their best-selling first-day album ever, with over 110k sales in the first 24 hours. The record went on to sell 171 thousand copies in just a few hours. It’s also worth noting that, despite being released on a Friday, the album has the most first-week sales of any of their albums, with over 201k copies sold. Because the week ended on the third day of the album’s release, many thought it was impressive.

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‘No Limit,’ by Monsta X, enters all major Korean music charts and has the most first-day sales.

Why is Shownu, a K-pop idol, missing from the ‘Monsta X: The Dreaming’ trailer?

Monsta X is the quickest K-pop act to win a music competition.

The album also reached the top of other charts, including the Hanteo and VIBE Domestic Charts. ‘No Limit’ was also their first album to chart in all major South Korean charts, as well as the first time it charted on the FLO music chart. On top of that, ‘Rush Hour’ has already won its first music show on SBS MTV’s ‘The Show.’ Monsta X earned first place on the K-pop music show ‘The Show’ on November 23 after the album was published on Friday, November 19. They are the first K-pop group to win on a music show just four days after releasing their album. Fans also pointed out that ‘The Show’ follows the charts and digital points from Saturday to Friday, implying that Monsta X won after only one day of tracking. Because Jooheon directed ‘Rush Hour,’ the victory is even sweeter.

‘You earned it,’ says the narrator.

Fans and non-fans alike rejoiced as the (hashtag)RushHour1stWin trended. “With LESS THAN 1 DAY of monitoring, (hashtag)MONSTAX won (hashtag)RushHour1stWin on The Show this week and Monbebes is clearly the MVP for this win,” one Twitter user explained. “FROM STRUGGLING TO GET 1ST PLACE TO ONE OF THE FASTEST,” remarked a Monbebe. “I’m so,” wrote another enthusiast. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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