Rumer Willis is a ‘dream machine,’ according to the Internet, with her sizzling TOPLESS pool photographs.


In the first shot, Rumer Willis peered over her shoulder, with her arm covering her front

Actress and singer Rumer Willis, the eldest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, who recently joined the cast of Todd Bogin’s first feature, ‘Left with Only Rain’, wowed fans on Instagram with steamy topless photos in a pool.

In the first shot, Willis peered over her shoulder, with her arm covering her front. The second photograph showed her from behind while wearing only a silver chain necklace. Comments on the post were appreciative of the photos. One comment read, “Dream machine”. Another said, “Your pictures are what romance novels are written about. Each tells a great story. Write the book.” One comment also said, “So vulnerable and tender, beautiful.”

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Willis has had to deal with body-shaming on the internet in the past. On June 29, Willis responded to people body-shaming her on Instagram. “After the barrage of some really inappropriate comments left on my pic I posted yesterday I was left really bummed cause I was really enjoying the silly pics I took,” Willis wrote on her Instagram Story. The 32-year-old said that it was wrong to comment on people’s bodies and called out her haters who criticized her post. “Even though you may think it’s your job or even your right to leave your unfiltered thoughts or judgments about my body for me and others to read… it’s not,” she wrote.

“Also just to give clarity if I was really struggling with any kind of food issues (which I’m gratefully not) coming for me in my comments and telling me how I’m too skinny or I need to eat is absolutely not helpful and extremely body shaming,” she wrote. “If you were actually concerned for my health snd [sic]welfare or anyone you think may be actually struggling send them a dm and have a private conversation and really ask how they are doing if they would like support instead of posting inflammatory public comments.”

Willis has previously spoken about body image issues she had. “I wanted to have no butt; I wanted to have no boobs,” Willis said in a 2015 interview, “For a long time I just wanted to look tiny and androgynous.” She also said, “When you grow up in the public eye the way that I did, everyone’s looking at. Brinkwire Brief News.


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