Ronan Keating ‘couldn’t handle’ his wife Storm’s health scare, admitting, ‘I was a mess.’


Ronan Keating said he couldn’t handle his wife Storm’s health scare because he was “a mess.”

RONAN KEATING has spoken out about his fears after his wife Storm had to go into surgery and was placed under lockdown.

Storm Keating, 40, was taken into surgery by Ronan Keating, 44, who admitted he “couldn’t handle” her being taken into surgery with the possibility of her not walking again.

Storm had a prolapsed disc in his back, which developed into Cauda Equina syndrome while he was in lockdown.

Tears were streaming down my cheeks.

Keating, Ronan

Storm tried to continue working as usual despite being in lockdown due to a prolapsed disc, but this took a turn when she began to feel a lot of pain.

Cauda equina syndrome is a severe form of spinal stenosis that can cause loss of sensation, incontinence, and paralysis if not treated promptly.

In an interview with John Tubridy on The Late Late Show, Ronan admitted that he “couldn’t handle” his wife’s illness.

“I couldn’t handle it,” he admitted.

“Covid prevented me from going to the hospital.”

“We learned she needed surgery and were warned about the risks, including the possibility that she would never be able to walk again.”

Ronan expressed his sadness at not being able to see his wife due to Covid restrictions.

“I can’t do anything,” he continued, “I can’t even go in and hold her hand.”

“While waiting for the doctor to text me, tears streamed down my face in my car outside.”

Storm is doing much better now, having told Ryan about her week-long ordeal earlier on the show.

“I had a prolapsed disc, which is a very common injury,” she explained, “but it kept escalating, and you know, I was a little foolish and kept pushing and working through it thinking I’d be fine.”

“Until I got to the point where I was in a hospital in a lot of pain and they told me we’ve run out of options and you’ll have to have surgery.”

“However, on day three, I awoke in the hospital with nothing on me from the waist down.”

“I was completely numb,” Storm explained, distressed.

Cauda Equina syndrome had developed as a result of my condition.”

Storm stated that she was not concerned prior to the operation, but that she became concerned after she was told everything was fine.

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