Roger Taylor’s most devastating sorrow about Freddie Mercury.


Roger Taylor’s most devastating sorrow about Freddie Mercury.

LEGEND OF THE QUEEN In a new interview, Roger Taylor discusses his heartbreaking biggest regret regarding former bandmate Freddie Mercury.

This year, Taylor and Queen bandmate Brian May have been busy commemorating the band’s 50th anniversary. They’ve both opened up about the band’s past, thrilling fans with new anecdotes and tributes to Mercury in particular. The drummer, on the other hand, is presently promoting Outsider, his new solo album, which was released on October 1. In a recent compelling interview, he also discussed a terribly sad event in his history.

On November 24, 1991, Roger revealed Freddie’s tragic death from problems associated to AIDS and HIV.

The star’s health had been deteriorating for a year, but it had picked up speed in the summer of 1991. In his final weeks, he only allowed a few visits, and his constant inner circle of partner Jim Hutton, ex-girlfriend Mary Austin, PA Peter Freestone, ex-boyfriend Joe Fanelli, and great friend Dave Clarke watched for him.

Others close to the star, on the other hand, would pay a visit when the star’s life drew to a close. This would be very sad for Roger.

According to The Big Issue, he said: “When they called me in my car and informed me he had gone, I was practically on my way to meet him, less than half a mile away.

“I just came to a complete halt on Kensington High Street, stunned. Because even though you know someone is going to die, it still comes as a surprise when they do.

“I simply wish I could have been there to console him.” That’s exactly what he desired. He enjoyed having his friends around.” Roger was asked what Freddie would think of the incredible way he has stayed a part of modern pop culture, as beloved as he was when he was alive.

He stated, ” “It’s been fantastic, in my opinion. It would have made him very happy.” The Queen drummer, though, admitted to one heartbreaking regret: “But I just wish I’d gotten to say goodbye.” Roger was also asked who he hoped he could have one last discussion with, and he responded with Freddie, of course.

On November 24, Freddie died in the early evening. Queen manager Jim Beach was sent to the residence on Friday and spent three hours alone there. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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