Rodney from Emmerdale will plot a strategy to reclaim Diane Sugden after a passionate night.


Rodney from Emmerdale will plot a strategy to reclaim Diane Sugden after a passionate night.

Rodney’s plot to win Diane Sugden back with a night of passion could be revealed shortly on EMMERDALE, but will she regret her decision?

Rodney Blackstock’s (Patrick Mower) and Diane Sugden’s (Elizabeth Estensen) relationship has been rocky throughout the years in Emmerdale. When Rodney returned to have a relationship with his children after abandoning Diane and her daughter Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles), the two quickly reconnected as friends. Rodney, on the other hand, will soon design a strategy to reclaim Diane – but will it bring up old memories for Diane? Rodney continues his attempt to reclaim Diane in upcoming scenes after the two had spent the night together.

When Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) offers her skills to aid Diane at the B&B, his efforts are thwarted.

When Diane hears Belle criticize her management skills, she becomes distraught and confides in Rodney, giving him hope for the couple’s relationship.

When Rodney offers to move in with her after a few drinks and gets caught up in the moment, a tipsy Diane can’t help but agree.

Rodney is overjoyed by the news, but Diane quickly regrets her inebriated night and wants to tell him he can’t move in.

Unfortunately, she suffers an injury shortly after, putting her at Rodney’s mercy as he moves in and offers to care for her.

Will Diane and Rodney’s romance blossom again?

Will Diane break Rodney’s heart by ending their new arrangement?

Last month, Elizabeth Estensen confirmed her departure from Emmerdale after 22 years on the ITV soap.

Elizabeth’s character Diane has been married and widowed for 17 years and the landlady of the famed Woolpack since her debut in 1999.

The soap star has been at the center of some gripping storylines, including her nightmare of being stabbed in the dark by Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter).

After closing the pub, Diane went to work with ex-lover Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) at The Grange, a local B&B.

In following scenes, Diane decides it’s time to take care of herself, packs her luggage, and departs from the town for warmer climes.

“I have loved portraying Diane Sugden for the past 22 years,” Elizabeth stated of her forthcoming departure.

“Brinkwire Summary News” says, “She’s friendly, dependable, and.


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