Rod Stewart was given an ultimatum by Penny Lancaster to quit his rogue behavior: ‘I warned you.’


Rod Stewart was given an ultimatum by Penny Lancaster to quit his rogue behavior: ‘I warned you.’

According to newly discovered reports, PENNY LANCASTER handed her husband Rod Stewart an ultimatum at the start of their relationship to stop the musician’s rogue behavior.

Penny, a panelist on Loose Women, broke down in tears on Monday’s broadcast after discussing her menopause experience.

The 50-year-old model confesses to being put on antidepressants and feeling terrible for “being unhappy” on a regular basis.

“When I first joined Loose Women, I’d sit back and listen to you more senior ladies at the time […] wondering to myself, ‘Really, is it so bad?'” she explained. and I’ll never be able to comprehend it.

“I believe that’s half the problem; it’s not until it hits you from every angle that you realize this is what everyone is talking about.”

Because we’re so excellent at disguising our difficulties, putting on a mask and a bandaid, and just getting on with life, making sure everyone is okay, the house is running, the kids are off to school, and the husbands are off to work.

“We forget about ourselves [with]all these different parts we play and [work]in between.”

Penny and Rod, a former member of the Faces, have been married since June 2007 and have two sons, Alastair and Aiden.

Rod revealed to Life magazine that he and Penny had once split for two weeks, which prompted the singer to cover Tom Waits’ Picture In A Frame on his 2013 album Time.

Penny revealed on a 2017 episode of Loose Women that when they were dating, she gave Rod an ultimatum to stop his roguish behavior.

“When I initially met him, he was still playing games,” she told the Loose Women panel.

“He had recently divorced and was having a good time because he didn’t think he wanted to settle down again.

“So when I became his girlfriend, I didn’t want to be a girlfriend; I wanted to be the girlfriend; otherwise, it wouldn’t be good enough for me.

“I didn’t want to play the games, so I told her right away, ‘If you mess it up, look, I understand. Tell me if you want to go out with other girls, and I’ll find someone else, but don’t do that to me.’

“Brinkwire Summary News” says, “I created the rules.”


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