Rod Stewart met Penny Lancaster, his second wife, only DAYS after their divorce.


Rod Stewart met Penny Lancaster, his second wife, only DAYS after their divorce.

ROD STEWART shared a tale of how his father told him not to marry too early when he was younger, and how he and his wife Penny Lancaster met one day after he divorced his ex-wife.

Sir Rod Stewart, 76, gives advise to young people about the perils of getting married too soon in an interview with People Magazine. He also described how he met his present wife, Penny Lancaster, a day after his second marriage ended in 1999.

Rod Stewart: I still had a lot of living, partying, drinking, and s****ing to do.

He was forthright in his advice, encouraging young people not to marry until they had had a chance to live.

The iconic rocker claims he learned the hard way that he wasn’t completely ready when he married his first wife, Alana Stewart, at the age of 34.

“When I told my father I was getting married, he told me I was way too young,” Stewart says. “He was absolutely correct. There was still a lot of living, partying, drinking, and s***ing left for me to do.” In the year 1984, Stewart and Alana divorced.

He fell in love with model Rachel Hunter again six years later.

“When I married Rachel for the second time, I felt she was the one — but I was wrong,” he says.

Hunter walked away from Stewart in 1999. He met his present wife, model Penny, only a few days later.

“Rachel ended our relationship on a Monday evening, which was awful. No one ever abandons Rod!” With a laugh, Stewart said.

“But on that Saturday night in London, I met Penny at the Dorchester Hotel.

“‘Listen, you’ve just come out of a long nine-year marriage,’ observed Carmine, the bass player in my band. ‘You aren’t quite ready yet.’ I was on the verge of strangling him!” Six months later, Stewart’s bandmate eventually provided him Penny’s phone number.

Stewart, who married Lancaster in 2006, stated, “[Penny] has repaired my heart in more ways than one.”

“It’s an ideal partnership. ‘A woman has so much living to do,’ I often remind the girls in my band and my daughters. It’s your life, after all! Forget about males!” Rod recently revealed that his new song, “Penny,” is dedicated to her.

The album, titled I Can’t Imagine, shows him talking about life with Penny.

“I can’t imagine,” he captioned a video on Instagram.

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