Robson Green’s wife: Who is the Grantchester actor dating ten years after his divorce from his first wife?


Robson Green’s wife: Who is the Grantchester actor dating ten years after his divorce from his first wife?

ROBSON GREEN, star of ITV’s Grantchester, has a long history in the public eye, thanks to a successful career on television. Is he, however, married?

Robson Green is not married at the moment, but he started dating Zoila Short in 2016, after meeting her at the gym. In 2018, the 56-year-old actor, who presently portrays Police Inspector Geordie Keating in the ITV detective drama Grantchester, made his romance public.

The mother-of-two was said to have left her vicar husband to be with Robson at the time.

It’s unknown whether the couple is still together.

They were last seen together in 2019 at a celebrity event.

The two were seen at The Royal Festival Hall for the ITV Palooza.

Robson, who rose to prominence after acting in the 1990s drama series Soldier Soldier, has been married twice.

In 1991, he married Alison Ogilvie for the first time.

Before divorcing, the pair had been married for eight years.

Later in life, the actor met and married Vanya Seager, a former Page 3 model.

In 2001, the couple married at Cliveden House in Buckinghamshire.

Robson and Vanya announced their separation after ten years of marriage in a statement.

Taylor, their 21-year-old son, is theirs.

Since the first series aired in 2014, Robson has portrayed the lead role in the period drama Grantchester.


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He is most recognized for his role as Fusilier Dave Tucker in Soldier Solider, with Jerome Flynn, who played Lance Corporal Patrick ‘Paddy’ Garvey.

Later, the duo had a lot of chart success together.

For seven weeks, Robson and Jerome’s version of Unchained Melody topped the UK music charts.

It became the best-selling single of 1995, selling over 1.8 million copies.

During their tenure together, they also scored number one hits with I Believe and Up on the Roof, and they released two studio albums.

Robson is frequently seen fishing in addition to his job on Grantchester, which is set in the 1950s.

He went to Iceland with Jim Murray for the TV show Robson and Jim’s Icelandic Fly-Fishing Adventure earlier this year.

Previously, he had appeared on Channel 5’s Extreme Fishing.


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