Robson Green speaks out about his battle with alcohol and drugs, saying, “I was in a really dark place.”


Robson Green speaks out about his battle with alcohol and drugs, saying, “I was in a really dark place.”

ROBSON GREEN spoke for the first time about his secret battle with booze and drugs during the height of his success, describing stardom as “survival.”

Robson Green, 56, has spoken up for the first time about his struggle with alcohol and drugs during his prime. After an intervention by his father, also named Robson, the actor, who rose to stardom in the 1990s ITV serial Soldier Soldier, confessed he ended himself in a “very dark place” and went to therapy.

I’m just a regular actor who has made it thus far.

Robson Green is a fictional character created by Robson Green

In a new interview, he acknowledged that rediscovering his boyhood passion for fishing saved him along the road.

“I don’t appreciate being labeled a celebrity,” he admitted openly.

“I’m just a regular actor who has made it.”

With 21 million viewers tuning in to watch him play Fusilier Dave Tucker in the hit military show, the TV star was thrust into the spotlight at the age of 26.

He smiled and said, “I was enjoying celebrity.”

“I was savoring all of the applause and attention. I was having fun with the awards, the parties, the partying, and everything else that comes with celebrity.

“However, and I wish this was a more original narrative, my relationships were in shambles, and I was losing sight of what was important in life.”

Robson grew up in Dudley, Northumberland, a little mining community south of Cramlington where his father “worked down the pit.”

He acknowledged, “I started experiencing major problems with fame, booze, and drugs.”

“Dad showed up, he’d worked hard his whole life, and he looked at his son, to whom he had given everything, blood, sweat, and tears, and he asked, ‘Are you happy?’ I said yes, but deep down I knew I wasn’t, and I realized I didn’t have anything. Because acting was all I did in my life.”

He was taken aback by the abrupt realization, as he was well aware that he required assistance.

Robson admitted, “I was a people-pleaser, always seeking for praise, reassurance, and I needed support.”

“As a result, I sought the help of a therapist. ‘So tell me who Robson Green is,’ he asked. “I am this person who acts,” I explained. ‘No, that’s your job,’ he said. ‘What are your credentials?’ I didn’t know what I was doing.”

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