Robson Green of Grantchester broke down on the set of ITV drama ‘Genuinely disturbed.’


Robson Green of Grantchester broke down on the set of ITV drama ‘Genuinely disturbed.’

GRANTCHESTER returns in just a few days, and this website recently sat down with the show’s stars to talk about what to anticipate in season six.

Grantchester season six will air on ITV on September 3rd, with Geordie Keating (Robson Green) and Will Davenport (Tom Brittany) reprising their roles.

Season six and its production were recently discussed by this website with the stars. Green and Brittany mentioned that some of the situations were extremely challenging to film.

Grantchester is recognized for its witty dialogue and the chemistry between the two main characters.

Fans adore the show because of its open and honest storytelling, which is unafraid to handle challenging themes in an approachable manner.

Brittany’s Will Davenport has proven to be a popular favorite from his debut in season four, with his friendship with Geordie Keating at the center of the story for many viewers.

The two stars describe what it was like to film some of season six’s more emotionally hard moments both on and off camera, showing their friendship both on and off camera.

“Because we’re such best friends in real life, our characters, a handful of things happen that truly threatened to rip our friendship apart,” Brittany stated to This website and other sources.

“So I guess the most difficult thing was having situations emerge where, maybe our friendship wasn’t so great, and there were bits where we became very distant from each other.

“I guess it was trying in some ways, but I recall one part where we were practicing, and it was a difficult scene, and both you and I were sobbing like tearing up, feeling sad for our characters.

“We weren’t communicating properly with each other anymore, and I was like, oh no, I want us to be friends again.”

“Sometimes when we rehearse, we become legitimately angry about being cruel to one another,” Green continued.

Brittany responded, “And then on the flip side of that, when we have moments where we’re really nice to each other, it’s strange.”

“Having both is unusual; we enjoy, we become our characters.”

While the plot has yet to be announced, Brittany and Green’s statements hint that Will and Geordie will be testing their friendship in the next season.

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