Robobunny is a popular boyband hearthrob of The Masked Singer fans.


Fans of The Masked Singer ‘work out.’ Robobunny is a popular boyband.

After seeing their show-stopping performance to the Whitney Houston classic on New Year’s Day, fans of The Masked Singer are convinced that Robobunny is a popular boyband member.

Fans believe they’ve figured out who the mystery celeb behind Robobunny is, and one of them is linked to a famous boyband member, as fans prepare for the first Movie week on The Masked Singer.

The popular ITV talent show returned for its third series last weekend, with a whole new cast of celebrities hidden behind the show’s most bizarre costumes yet.

And one character in particular has gotten a lot of attention because he wears the show’s largest costume to date, towering over the other ten contestants.

Thousands of viewers, however, couldn’t help but think it was Blue boyband member Lee Ryan or Westlife star Markus Feehily behind the mask.

Before the show, viewers were treated to a clue-filled VT that hinted at who the famous celebrity behind the mask might be.

The audience was then treated to a stunning rendition of Whitney Houston’s song Saving All My Love For You, along with an extra hint: “I might be made of metal, but that doesn’t stop me from making a splash.”

Fans flocked to social media after seeing the impressive performance, donning detective hats and sharing their theories.

The fact that the person behind the mask is “part of a machine,” which many believe could indicate the star is a member of a group or band, was one of the main hints fans picked up on.

The clue “splash,” which could refer to his voice work in the Ice Age movies, was another reference to Lee Ryan’s pop star career.

The blue lights in the VT, according to a third viewer, could be a direct reference to his involvement with the band Blue.

Fans of Westlife, on the other hand, came out in droves, all believing that the robotic rabbit was Markus Feehily of the Irish boyband.

“Robobunny is 100% Markus Feehily from Westlife, no questions asked!!,” one fan argued.

“He appeared in a Doc Martin episode titled ‘Ctrl, alt, delete,’ and his voice is EXACTLY the same as Robobunny’s.”

“I’m sticking with this guess all the way to the end! (hashtag)MaskedSingerUK”

“(hashtag)TheMaskedSingerUK (hashtag)robobunny is def @MarkusFeehily ‘alright folks, what’s the story’ is Bugs quote, @westlifemusic people will know!” another commented.

“If (hashtag)Robobunny isn’t @MarkusFeehily, I honestly have no idea what I’ve been listening to since 1998 (hashtag)MaskedSingerUK,” said a third.

“Here’s the thing.

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