Robobunny, according to fans of The Masked Singer, is Westlife’s Robobunny, who “forgets to disguise his voice.”


Robobunny, according to fans of The Masked Singer, is Westlife’s Robobunny, who “forgets to disguise his voice.”

The Robobunny of THE MASKED SINGER has fans wondering if a former boyband member is behind the disguise.

On Saturday evening, ITV viewers tuned in to watch the latest episode of The Masked Singer to see which celebrities disguised in outrageous costumes would advance to the next round of the singing competition.

Robobunny, the final mystery contestant to perform, dazzled the judges with their impressive vocal range.

While the judges were perplexed as to who was behind the elaborate disguise, show viewers suspected it was a member of an Irish boyband.

Mushroom, Firework, Doughnuts, Lionfish, and Robobunny all took to the stage on Saturday for Movie Week to perform covers of well-known songs.

Robobunny was the last contestant to perform in front of the judges, and they chose Shallow from the hit film A Star Is Born, which was performed by Oscar winner Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

Robobunny sang in a variety of octaves throughout the performance in order to confuse the judges.

Parts of the song were sung in a light-hearted high-pitched tone, while others were sung deeply and powerfully.

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The judges were blown away by the notes Robobunny hit throughout the performance, but they suspected two celebrities were hiding behind the costume due to the vocal range.

Fans were convinced that there was only one person behind the mask, and many speculated that it was Westlife’s Mark Feehily.

“Robobunny is definitely Mark Feehily from Westlife for sure,” @OrganeDecemMan tweeted.

“Robobunny is 100 percent Mark Feehily, his voice just blows me away,” Jessie J said.

He also forgets to mask his voice, haha.”

“The only one I think I’m 100 percent with is Robobunny, who I think is Mark from Westlife!” Dylan continued.

“The whole voice changing does throw you off and it’s a clever thing to do,” Aimee Wakefield said. “Would like to see Robobunny win it.”

“It’s @MarkusFeehily as Robobunny,” Cheryl Johnson-Chubb added.

The reference to moonwalking must be in reference to their album Gravity.”

Gravity was released in November 2010 and was Westlife’s tenth studio album.

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