Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin went with ABBA to sex clubs – or did he?


Driven Zeppelin and ABBA made music that was very different, but that didn’t stop the two band members from getting along. Robert Plant also claims that Led Zeppelin once spent a wild evening with the men of ABBA. Here’s a look at why, first of all, these famous musicians met – and the album that was made while Led Zeppelin worked in the studio of ABBA.

Why did Led Zeppelin want ABBA to work in their studio?

Jimmy Page revealed in an interview with Loudersound that it was no accident that his band performed at ABBA’s venue, known as Polar Studios. “They contacted me,” he remembered. “The studio was only known for ABBA and they wanted an internationally known rock group to record there and if Led Zeppelin would consider it. We talked and they said they were generous with studio time. We went there in December [’78], I think. It was biting cold, snow everywhere…”

The studio, according to Page, was state-of-the-art. It lacked any ambiance, however. Page said that Led Zeppelin’s members used a machine to create a certain environment, but he did not expand about what machine they used and how the studio’s mood shifted.

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Jimmy Page reveals what it was like meeting ABBA members

When he encountered the two men from ABBA: Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson, Page also disclosed what it was like. “I met Björn when I was getting ready,” he said. I don’t think there were any around then. He gave me a really good guitar.

I met Benny a day later.

Was Björn the blond one? Benny was the one with the beard and the keyboard, right? He was really interested in the new toy from John Paul.

Benny was already married to Frida [Lyngstad] at the time, so we all went to a club together one night.

They were people who were good.

How crazy did Led Zeppelin get to have time with ABBA?

Robert Plant said his time with the men from ABBA was not always squeaky clean, according to BlabberMouth. He said that he once went with them to a sex club to see live performances. Ulvaeus and Andersson reportedly did this in order to get away from their wives.

Ulvaeus and Andersson were having relationship problems at this time – and those issues resulted in their band’s breakup. However, a spokesman for ABBA said that Plant’s story was wrong.

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The classic Led Zeppelin album that all this led to

Anyway, in ABBA’s studio, Led Zeppelin worked.

The outcome was the ‘Presence’ song.

Classic songs such as “Achilles Last Stand”, “Candy Store Rock” and “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” are included in the record. On the Billboard Hot 100, the album reached number 1.

ABBA’s studio has now become part of the history of two big bands. It may seem strange that Led Zeppelin worked in ABBA’s studio, but the results were commercial dynamite.


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