Robert Durst, a convicted murderer and the subject of ‘The Jinx,’ has died at the age of 78.


Convicted murderer and ‘The Jinx’ subject Robert Durst has died at the age of 78.

Robert Durst, a member of a New York real estate dynasty who was convicted in the murder of Susan Berman in September 2021, was suspected of being involved in his wife’s disappearance, and was tried for the murder of a neighbor, has passed away.

Durst died at the age of 78, and his life was the subject of the HBO documentary series The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, which premiered in 2015.

His lawyer, Chip Lewis, said he died in custody in Stockton, California, early Monday.

According to Lewis of the New York Times, Durst died while being tested at the San Joaquin General Hospital.

He had a cardiac arrest and was unable to be resuscitated.

Following his conviction for Berman’s murder, Durst tested positive for COVID-19.

Durst’s medical problems were exacerbated by the virus, according to his lawyer.

Durst was sentenced for Berman’s murder to life in prison without the possibility of parole in October.

Durst was charged with second-degree murder in the presumed death of his first wife in New York later that month.

Kathie Durst is a character in the film Kathie Durst.

Kathie vanished in January 1982, and no trace of her has been found.

Durst killed Berman in 2000, according to prosecutors, because she had knowledge of Kathie’s disappearance.

Durst has been the subject of media fascination for four decades, ever since Kathie vanished.

After Kathie’s disappearance, Durst met Berman, the daughter of a Las Vegas mob boss, at UCLA in 1965, and she became his unofficial spokesperson.

Prosecutors believe Berman assisted Durst in covering up Kathie’s death, and that Durst killed her after learning that police wanted to question her.

Durst was accused of killing Morris Black, a neighbor when he lived in Galveston, Texas, in 2001.

One night, the 71-year-old Black and Durst, who lived in the apartment as a woman on occasion, got into an argument.

Durst’s gun went off during the argument, killing Black.

Durst dismembered Black’s body and dumped parts of it in Galveston Bay.

Durst was apprehended in Pennsylvania after stealing a sandwich after he skipped bail.

Durst claimed self-defense during his trial in 2003 and was acquitted.

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