Rio’s death is’sealed,’ according to Money Heist season 5 speculations, as viewers notice a throwback clue.


Rio’s death is’sealed,’ according to Money Heist season 5 speculations, as viewers notice a throwback clue.

MONEY HEIST appears to be building up to the deaths of several main characters in the final season of the Spanish drama, but will Rio be the first to go?

Money Heist’s fifth and final season will premiere on Netflix this week, with the first five of ten episodes premiering on Friday. The Spanish drama’s most intense excursion yet has been previewed in an action-packed trailer, and fans are concerned that they may be set to bid farewell to some of their favorite characters.

In the impending final season of Netflix’s international smash, Money Heist, Rio (played by Miguel Herrán) could be one of multiple casualties.

Since the show’s first season, the youngest member of the Professor’s (lvaro Morte) band of robbers has been an important part of the group.

Throughout the show’s two heists at the Royal Mint and the Bank of Spain, his volatile relationship with fellow criminal Tokyo (rsula Corberó) has produced numerous issues.

Some fans believe their romance will end in tragedy before the end of season five, based on a number of signs from earlier installments and the current trailer.

One Reddit user suggested that the inclusion of Tokyo’s dead ex-boyfriend, played by newbie Miguel ngel Silvestre, could be a portent of Rio’s fate.

“I suppose the authors might want to conclude the last season as a return to the early episodes,” wrote user MynameisntWejdene.

“At the end of the pilot, Tokyo screams and drags an injured Rio out of the house, fearing she could lose another boyfriend at any moment. That appears to be her deepest fear.”

Money Heist’s second season ended with a big wakeup call for Tokyo, and the long-awaited series finale might bring everything full circle.

As the second heist comes to a close, many have already speculated that the new trailer could portend disaster for Rio when it comes to the criminals confronting the cops head on.

Furthermore, season five is expected to explain more about Tokyo’s boyfriend’s death before the series’ main events begin.

She is perhaps Money Heist’s most important character, second only to the Professor, as the series’ narrator, and has thus undergone extensive character development during the first four seasons.

Her character development, on the other hand, has yet to be completed, and one fan believes her relationship with Rio will. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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