Ringo Starr disliked the Beatles documentary because it was “too dark.”


Ringo Starr disliked the Beatles documentary because it was “too dark.”

RINGO STARR recently came out against Get Back, a new documentary series on The Beatles and their final album, Let It Be, but he had to point out some flaws in the original film.

Ringo Starr went on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week to talk about his new EP, Change The World. During the interview, Kimmel mentioned The Beatles’ impending documentary Get Back, which will be directed by Peter Jackson, the man behind the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The Get Back docuseries features film footage from The Beatles’ final album, Let It Be, which was recorded in 1969.

A version of the film was released the same year as the album, in 1970, although it focused on the band’s internal conflicts rather than their collaboration.

“I had a lot of chats with Peter Jackson because I didn’t like the original one [Let It Be] because it was really dark,” Starr told Kimmel. It wasn’t even dark; it was drab.

“It was all about this quarrel between John and Paul.”

Starr is most likely referring to two scenes in the movie.

One of these involved Paul McCartney and George Harrison arguing about playing certain parts of their song Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.

Another quarrel erupted between John Lennon and George Harrison on a similar topic.

“They were filming us having a row,” Harrison subsequently explained. It never came to blows, but I kept thinking to myself, ‘What’s the point of all of this?’ I’m capable of being quite content on my own, but I can’t be content in this circumstance. ‘I’m getting out of here,’ she says. Harrison later left the band for a short time before returning to finish the album a few days later.

“Peter was in LA and he was saying [Get Back] was a lot of fun, a lot of joy… [and]there was a lot of excellent music, of course,” Starr told Kimmel.

“It was four guys in a room,” says the narrator. It’s better whether it’s up or down, whether it’s laughter or anything. But it’s a six-hour movie! And every night for two hours, put something warm on.” Jackson himself has stated that the new documentary will be very different from the last one.

“There’s probably more talks with The Beatles in the films than there is real singing,” Jackson stated in July. “Brinkwire Summary News” will catch people off guard.


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