‘Ridiculous’ Viewers of Good Morning Britain blast Olympic coverage, saying, “Little else going on?”


‘Ridiculous’ Viewers of Good Morning Britain blast Olympic coverage, saying, “Little else going on?”

HAPPY MORNING BRITAIN has expressed dissatisfaction with the morning show’s persistent Olympic focus, with some questioning where the customary MP interviews have gone.

As the Olympic Games in Tokyo come to a conclusion, Good Morning Britain has dedicated its early morning broadcast on Thursday to speaking with family members of medal-winning competitors. However, while Olympic coverage is vital, some ITV viewers have complained that the morning show is failing to highlight other challenges, such as the current coronavirus outbreak.

“I suppose there’s pretty little else going on, is there?” one Twitter user wondered. See also…..empty supermarket shelves, HGV driver shortages, frontline NHS staff shortages, Tory corruption, increased Covid deaths, and so forth. #GMB.”

“This man seems acceptable because he got gold as well, but the repeated interviews this week have been insane; they’ve prioritized them over having a government official on #gmb,” another commented.

“#GMB #GoodMorningBritain #GMB #GMB #GMB #GMB #GMB #GMB #GM These interviews about the #OlympicGames…” A third person chimed in.

“FFS another day all about the Olympics #gmb,” wrote a fourth.

“GMB, other than the Olympics, is there any news?” Some of us aren’t interested in the coverage or an interview with someone who knows someone who knew someone who’s family member’s former roommate saw someone win a medal,” someone another commented.

Another said they switched channels because of the Olympics programming, adding, “Getting really bored with this excessive attention on the broadcast, turned over yet again!!!”

From 7 to 8 a.m., presenters Sean Fletcher and Ranvir Singh met with some Team GB members and their families.

Liam Heath, an Olympic winner for Team GB, took bronze in the sprint canoe final.

His family was also present for the interview, and his father stated that seeing it from home was far more nerve-wracking than watching it live.

Liam expressed his gratitude for his family’s support, saying that he “can’t wait to get back home and give everyone a hug.”

Following this conversation, the hosts chatted with Eilidh McIntyre’s father, who is a gold medalist for Team GB.

Her father, Michael, won gold in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, so sailing is in her blood.

She was sailing before she could even walk, he claimed.

Ben Whittaker, a silver medalist in boxing, was the next athlete to speak with the duo.

He declined to wear his medal on the podium on Wednesday. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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