‘Ridiculous,’ says Briton, who advises against pricey PCR test errors: ‘You don’t get your money back.’


‘Ridiculous,’ says Briton, who advises against pricey PCR test errors: ‘You don’t get your money back.’

TESTING is one of the most important steps in making travel easier this summer, but it comes at a cost. One British tourist has warning others of a pricey blunder that might leave them out of pocket.

Testing has been recognized as one of the most important techniques to aid international travel, but the accompanying cost of testing has rendered many vacations unaffordable. Even those who have factored in the cost of tests should double-check that they are getting the proper ones for their needs.

Sylvia, a British traveller, and her husband headed off for France in July to check on their second home after being unable to do so for nearly a year.

“Like a yo-yo, we’ve had flights cancelled, and the first one out was on July 2 to check our property and to make sure everything was okay,” Sylvia told This website.

The homeowner did a lot of homework before her trip to make sure she had “dotted all of the I’s and crossed all of the T’s.”

However, the amber list’s fast-changing criteria, particularly in France, meant that testing requirements were changing at a breakneck pace.

Initially, it appeared that by the time the fully vaccinated couple returned from France, they would be able to avoid quarantine and only have to perform a day two PCR test.

“When we found out that everyone [who is completely vaccinated]could return from an amber nation, which you could do at the time with France,” Sylvia added, “we would have only required the second-day test.”

“At this point, I’m thinking we don’t need to book or purchase the eight-day test.”

“Before we could complete the Passenger Locator Form, we had to book [the day two test].”

The pair spent £120 on just their day two testing.

When the couple tried to enter the reference code from their paid-for tests into the Passenger Locator Form, however, it “wasn’t approved.”

“Do you believe it’s because we didn’t do the day eight test with the day two test?” she continued.

“We went back to the Government website and read it again, and it said package,” says the narrator.

“That’s when we realized what they’re talking about – you had to buy the second and eight-day test.”

“Brinkwire Summary News” was a setback for the couple.


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