Ricky Gervais gets a direct message from Gemma Atkinson about the After Life plot “Can’t cope.”


Ricky Gervais gets a direct message from Gemma Atkinson about the After Life plot “Can’t cope.”

After Ricky Gervais aired a heartbreaking moment from his TV show Derek, GEMMA ATKINSON has made a direct plea to him regarding After Life.

Today, TV and radio personality Gemma Atkinson used social media to reach out to Ricky Gervais, the creator and star of After Life. Following a particularly painful sequence from his comedic drama show, Derek, the 36-year-old former soap star implored the TV star not to kill off his character’s beloved dog in the famous Netflix series.

Derek, Ricky’s character, had to bid his goodbyes to his dog in a Channel 4 episode.

Ricky shared a clip from the show on social media, describing it as the “saddest sequence” he’d ever had to record.

Derek learned that his cat needed to be put down in the accompanying film, which he posted with his 14.4 million followers, before comforting the animal as he died.

He captioned the melancholy clip, “Probably my saddest scene I’ve ever done.”

Ricky received a flood of replies after posting the video online.

Former Emmerdale actress Gemma Arterton, who has two dogs of her own, advised the actor not to “kill off” his After Life character Tony Johnson’s faithful canine friend Brandy because it would be too upsetting to witness.

“Please don’t kill Brandy again in #AfterLife! She wrote, “Can’t cope,” followed by a crying emoji.

One admirer commented in the comments area of her post, “He always vowed he would never do it.”

Another said, “There’s nothing worse than saying goodbye to your dog, it’s the absolute worst.”

Many others, including a few well-known figures, praised Ricky for the scene in the comments area of his Instagram post.

“Oh, @rickygervais, you’re so sad, but yet so lovely. Lorraine Kelly, an ITV presenter, wrote, “Bravo.”

Gary Lineker, a BBC sports commentator, said, “Went through exactly this not too long ago.”

“It made me cry once more, but it also brought back a lot of pleasant memories. Ricky, you’ve done a fantastic job,” he continued.

Following the loss of his wife Lisa, journalist Tony’s experience is told in After Life.

His dearest buddy and reason for existence is Brandy the puppy.

The 60-year-old actor and comedian previously informed followers on social media that he adored the dog in real life and posted behind-the-scenes footage of the pair in action.

He accompanied the video, which showed the dog in its natural state, with the words “I love this dog.” “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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