Ricky Gervais discusses the possibility of a 2021 start date for After Life season 3.


Ricky Gervais discusses the possibility of a 2021 start date for After Life season 3.

Fans of Ricky Gervais’ Tony in the smash Netflix drama AFTER LIFE are excited to see what lies ahead for him in season three, but those hoping for a 2021 release date may be disappointed.

Tony (played by Ricky Gervais) will return to screens throughout the world in the third season of After Life as he continues to deal with the sadness of losing his wife Lisa (Kerry Godliman) alongside his zany pals. With almost 18 months having passed since After Life fans were treated to new episodes on Netflix, the release date for season three has been on the minds of fans for quite some time. Now, creator and Golden Globe winner Ricky Gervais has revealed a new date for the third season, stating that he “doubts” 2021 will be doable.

The first season of After Life premiered on Netflix on March 8, 2019, with six amusing yet heartbreaking episodes introducing viewers to Tony for the first time.

Tony, Postman Pat (Joe Wilkinson), Kath (Diane Morgan), Sandy (Mandeep Dhillon), and the rest of the After Life crew returned for season two a little over a year later, on April 24, 2020.

The second season finished with Tony at a critical juncture, just moments away from attempting suicide before nurse Emma (Ashley Jensen) knocked on his door and offered him hope for the future.

The heartbreaking finale set up a fascinating third season, with fans keen to know what the future holds for Emma and Tony, but Gervais has admitted in a Twitter discussion that it will most likely happen in 2022.

Tony published a photo of himself on the beach with his dog Brandy in a message to his 14.4 million Twitter followers.

He gave an update on Season 3 in the caption, writing, “All episodes are currently edited.” Music has been recorded.

“We’ll begin grading the photo tomorrow in order to make me look more attractive. So that takes a f*****g f*****g f*****g f*****g f*****g f

“The puppy is already excellent. “#AfterLife3,” he finished before a follower inquired if it will be ready by the end of the year.

In response to the tweet, the fan said, “Impressive.” “Do you think there’s a chance it’ll come out in 2021?”

Gervais, on the other hand, shattered hopes that Tony might return before 2022. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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