Richard Madeley creates a stir when he talks about ‘abandoning’ I’m A Celeb with awkward innuendo.


As he talks about ‘abandoning’ I’m A Celeb, Richard Madeley creates a stir with awkward innuendo.

After making a saucy innuendo on tonight’s episode of I’m A Celebrity, presenter RICHARD MADELEY sparked a social media frenzy.

On tonight’s episode of I’m A Celebrity, Richard Madeley planned to “abandon” a show trial.

The Good Morning Britain host took on his first public-voted trial, but things didn’t go as planned.

The 65-year-old took part in a reality show called Castle Kitchen Nightmares, in which he had to hunt for hidden stars in a kitchen full of castle critters.

The show’s contestant had to find ten hidden stars.

When he joined hosts Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly ahead of the trial, he appeared upbeat, saying, “Hello, good to see you both, good to be here… well,” before laughing and deciding it wasn’t a good idea.

But it wasn’t long before Richard threatened to quit the I’m A Celebrity task before making a cheeky innuendo that drew viewers’ attention.

“I’m going to have to abandon this,” Richard said as he struggled with the task.

“My hands are wet,” he grumbled as he attempted to undo the knots.

“This side is extremely congested.”

I mean, I can untangle knots, but this one is stubborn.”

“It’s as tight as a [inaudible],” says the speaker.

“What did he say?” Ant inquired.

“I believe it’s a penis drum?” Dec speculated.

“I just can’t do it,” Richard added.

It’s drizzly and clingy.”

After Richard’s cheeky innuendo, the Geordie duo couldn’t contain themselves and burst out laughing.

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The contestant continued, “This one isn’t as tight.”

Ant smirked, “Well, that’s good.”

“It’s not dripping wet, and it’s not clingy.”

Viewers picked up on the innuendo, as Anna, a Twitter user, put it: “‘It’s tight.’

Richard Madeley – 2021 (hashtag)ImACeleb.”

“Richard Madeley is absolute box office,” said Ed Acteson.

“Richard Madeley is that Christmas family member who has the entire family sat listening to his very detailed story on how he washed his car the other morning… too much unnecessary detail (hashtag)ImACeleb,” Holly wrote.

Richard struggled to untangle the knots on the string that held the stars in place throughout the trial, and at the conclusion of the.

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