Rhys Stephenson’s co-star on Strictly Come Dancing advised him to “not show up” at his wedding.


Rhys Stephenson’s co-star on Strictly Come Dancing advised him to “not show up” at his wedding.

Rhys Stephenson, star of STRICTLY COME DANCING, has explained why his former CBBC co-host begged him not to attend her wedding.

Rhys Stephenson, a CBBC broadcaster, has been putting his best foot forward in recent weeks to impress the Strictly Come Dancing judges. Rhys explained to Strictly host Claudia Winkleman why his former CBBC co-star Katie Thistleton hopes he “can’t make it” to her upcoming wedding after a spectacular performance with professional dance partner Nancy Xu on Saturday night.

On Saturday night, Rhys, 27, became the first celebrity candidate to receive a perfect score from the judges on Strictly Come Dancing.

Rhys and his dance partner, Nancy Xu, were asked what they thought of judge Motsi Mabuse scoring them a ten after their high-energy performance.

For their Spider-Man-inspired commercial performance, they received an outstanding score.

Stephenson’s “swag, enthusiasm (and) stunning smile” were lauded by Mabuse before he gave him the first ten points of the series, with the routine garnering a total of 37 points.

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“Rhys, I’m going to be frank with you, I have never witnessed a reaction like that to a 10 in my life,” Claudia stated after the scoring. “Have you recovered?” I inquire. “I’ve had my juice, and my sugar levels are back up, and I’m feeling fantastic,” Rhys joked. Claudia, thank you for your inquiry.” “So, your old co-host at CBBC [Katie Thistleton] is getting married,” Claudia said, changing the subject to a wedding invitation. “Can you tell me what she wrote on the invitation?” Katie, 32, is best known for her work on the CBBC channel, but she now co-hosts a show with Vick Hope on BBC Radio 1.

“Yeah, my old CBBC co-presenter Katie Thistleton invited me to her wedding at the end of the month,” Rhys stated.

“However, she stated in the invitation, ‘It’s for love, but I really hope you won’t be able to make it because it’s on a Saturday.'”

In other words, Katie hopes Rhys continues to please the Strictly judges and progresses as far as he can in the competition.

“So Katie, if I can’t go, I love you and I hope you have a great wedding,” Rhys remarked to the camera. “I truly hope I can’t make it.”

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