‘RHOP’: The husband of Gizelle Bryant, Jamal Bryant, used to date R-B singer Jamal Bryant


Gizelle Bryant, the RHOP singer, maintains that she is grateful to have reconciled with her ex, Jamal Bryant. Still, the fans of Gizelle, some of her co-stars and even her own daughters have doubts about Jamal’s relationship.

As Jamal has always had to deal with cheating allegations, this does not make it any simpler. Actually, since his last public relationship was with the R&B singer Post, the timing of his reconciliation with Gizelle came into question.

Dated by Jamal Bryant and Tweet

During a debate on Jamal’s now defunct talk show Preachers, Tweet and Jamal made their love public.

“We’ve turned into an incredible friendship,” Jamal said in the couple’s first joint interview. I walked through Times Square to the Oprah Winfrey film premiere a year ago and bumped into R&B singer Post, who is my world’s absolute favourite singer.

And I took an orrick step and asked for a picture. Between us, an amazing friendship has grown; I call her my ‘Last Lady.’

Tweet acknowledged during the interview that the toughest part of his relationship with Jamal was dealing with women who were competing for the attention of the pastor.

Jamal was accused of having fathered a ten-month-old boy with a member of his church at the time.

Also, the woman accused him of not contributing financially to the welfare of the boy.

Tweet also said that it brought a degree of commitment to be with Jamal that she was not used to.

Tweet and Jamal obviously split within a year of going public. What caused this is unknown.

Jamal was not the first man in the pulpit to Tweet. In reality, in 2017, she told Hip Hollywood that her former husband, who is also her daughter’s father, was a minister.

Despite the coincidence, Tweet says that she doesn’t look for men who are involved in church leadership roles. However, she is a spiritual woman.

The one lesson she learned from her connection with Jamal, Tweet says, is to keep her love life private. “I learned from the past to just keep my love interests private,”I have learned from the past to just keep my love interests private. “That was the first and last time. If you happen to see us [my new husband]somewhere, I don’t hide it, but it’s just not something I want the world to judge me on or have anything to say about.”

Jamal Bryant and his ex-wife, Gizelle Bryant, have since reconciled.

Tweet chooses to keep her new husband out of the spotlight, but Jamal doesn’t have that option as he has reconciled with Gizelle, a reality star.

Gizelle announced during RHOP’s Season 4 reunion that she and Jamal are giving their love a second chance after more than a decade of divorce.

Since season 1, Jamal has been on the show, mostly in scenes with his three daughters.

Jamal and Gizelle had a few solo scenes during season 5.

But Jamal, including other kids, has trouble escaping persistent rumors of his unfaithful behavior.

In the season 5 reunion, this was brought up when Monique Samuels confronted Gizelle with a folder full of receipts that allegedly showed Jamal’s relationship with another woman.

On topic:’ RHOP:’ Rumors surface that Jamal Bryant fathered a child after rekindling relationship with Gizelle Bryant with another woman

If their reunion is only for the sake of the broadcast, which they deny, the Bryants are still under speculation. Jamal told his real girlfriend that he participated in the show to secure Gizelle’s role, according to Samuels.

Jamal announced, after all the backlash, in a now-deleted Facebook video that he refuses to ever appear again on RHOP despite his friendship with Gizelle. As the cause, he cites reality television’s history of breaking down the black community.


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