‘RHOP’: Study says that producers do not believe the love story of Juan and Robyn Dixon and call on them to demonstrate more


Robyn Dixon is shooting down rumors that she was fired from RHOP, but sources say producers are demanding that with her and Juan she show more depth. Insiders say the exit of Monique Samuels saved Dixon’s show spot.

But it is claimed that producers are not buying Dixon’s love story.


Dixon and co-stars attempted to initiate the speculation on the show that she had an extramarital affair, according to Samuels.

Furthermore, Samuels believes that the women challenged the fatherhood of their third child.

Although there was no mention of Samuels’ baby on the show, Gizelle Bryant brought up the rumors regarding Samuels’ alleged affair.

The women denied, however, that there was any effort to include the rumor on the show, although Dillard acknowledged otherwise in an Instagram post beforehand.

During the reunion in season 5, the Samuels faced the ladies.

The Samuels wanted to leave the show because of a “bad edit” that would have proved their allegations about the supposed plot.

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Rumors emerged that the show had shot Dixon.

To dispel reports of her termination, Dixon went to Instagram.

But Dixon’s career was in jeopardy, according to All About The Tea.

Dixon and her attorneys are currently in talks for Season 6, according to Monique of All About The Tea, but she has not yet signed up.

Reportedly, Dixon’s job was on the line before Samuels’ departure after the reunion.

On her Instagram profile, Dixon expressed that rumors of her firing weren’t credible.

The study says that “RHOP” producers do not believe in the love story of Juan and Robyn Dixon.

Another reason Robyn has reportedly not signed her contract is that more of her and Juan’s story is needed by production. Robyn is demanding more money for season 6, according to All About the Tea.

Given that she and Juan are in the process of building their dream house, the extra money will support her condition and Robyn still owes a hefty payment to the IRS.

However, since they want more nuance from her and Juan, the producers are hesitant to give Robyn a rise.

All About the Tea argues that the creators are not sure of the love story of Juan and Robyn, citing scenes that never made it into the series that Juan appears disinterested in.

Robyn Dixon and Juan Dixon have reconciled on the issue of ‘RHOP’ actors, so why did they split up the first time?

Viewers also recall a hot-mic moment in season 2 when Juan revealed that because of his two daughters, he would rather be in a relationship with someone else, but is staying. Juan also confessed to experiencing a lack of love and affection from Robyn.

The development allegedly calls for a wedding for the Dixons for season 6 or a plot in which they seek to extend their family.


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